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Posted by Tinman:

Quote:Well, have any of you ever heard of Stephen Horvath and his 1974 Ford Fairlane which was presented on Australian national television in 1979?
Yes, I watched that presentation!
Did you/do you know that he had a Patent on that system and it happens to be the most detailed, accurate and comprehensive patent I have ever laid my eyes on?  (No, its not just my opinion!)

Did you/do you know about the 'Motor Manual' magazine carrying a six page article titled:
“Limitless energy from HYDROGEN POWER” by Paul Harrington.?
Yes, it was/is all about Stephen Horvath (a nuclear physicist, by the way) and his technology.
There are pictures, diagrams and explanations.

!!The outstanding point to note WHY the demonstration was done with Hydrogen from a hydride tank in the boot instead of using the original, patented method which derives it from WATER!!
Anyone with half a brain between their ears (instead of saw dust) would instantly know that he would NEVER be allowed to demonstrate it in its original form!!

Here are some facts about that news release in 1979. In 1979 sir Joh Bjelke peterson was queensland's premier at the time,and it was him that organised the presnetation. Joh wanted to be the first to release this new found tech,as he was all for cleaner energy systems. Here is what took place.
The car was ready to go,and all camera's were up and running. But apparently some one run off with the key's O0 ,and of course the car could never be shown running-->whats the chances of that C.C

Now the real reason they had to use hydride tanks was because his system was not yet finished-didnt work yet. Stephen Horvaths system was based around muon-catalysed fusion,and was not completed by 1979.

A quote from Stephen's biography
By 1979, Stephen had developed the prototype for a car powered through fusion-enhanced hydrogen burn as part of his ongoing research into alternative fuel sources. When the then Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen learned of the project, he invited Stephen to display his work publicly. Unfortunately, Sir Joh's foresight to bring about a pollution free hydrogen economy has not eventuated as yet.

As a result, an announcement was made which put Stephen in an awkward position, since he knew his work was incomplete and he had never wanted to promote the "hydrogen car" project as a finished product.

Nature is not very kind to inventors and entrepreneurs, not all of the innovative ideas have come to fruition - although each one has deepened Stephen's knowledge and understanding of his ultimate scientific goal - to unlock the secret to releasing energy via sustained muon-catalysed fusion.

Les-we have heard it all before-time and time again. And time after time no one has ever shown without doubt that a looped HHO system has ever worked-this is fact. We get the same old excuses you have posted here on this thread-EG:Anyone with half a brain between their ears (instead of saw dust) would instantly know that he would NEVER be allowed to demonstrate it in its original form!!
Like i said,and most here have seen time after time-same old men in black rubbish-only this time the inventor had the backing of the queensland premier,but some one lost the keys :P . You said you watched the presentation on TV,but what you failed to mention is two things-1,the car was never started in one presentation,and 2-the one that showed the car running was not using his hydrogen system-it was simply a demondstration showing that an ICE could run on hydrogen-this we already know.

You now have people here(good people) spending time and money on parts for a system that has never been proven to work,only words,words and more words. I may have missed it some where,but how dangerous is this muon-catalysed fusion system?. :o

In my opinion, a muon catalysed fusion system is not dangerous at all.  The resulting neutrons are too cold to leave the container and even be detected.  The big issue I see is where do you get the muons?  Supposedly, there's very few of them around unless there's a super nova visible in the sky.  Did Horvath say anything about this?

I will admit that some people think muon catalysis is responsible for volcanic eruptions.  So there may be another source in nature.

Tinman is australian isnt he ?  by memory a truck driver part time unless I got my wires crossed .
if so he would know of Horvath decades ago .

Is Horvath still alive , seems to be the impression


I saw Les Banki show up on energetic the other day . doesnt seem to mix with the H2 forums

What if he is still alive.....

where is Tinman quote from ?
Im surprised he didnt have anything to say about the patent . the description does not match the diagram in the patent at all .
that circuit diagram does not function .
no doubt Les Banki has read the patent long ago but then hes never made comment on the circuit . he avoids H2 forums now so curious to where Tinman is if he has les online .
most circuit diagrams are an expensive lesson


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