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Horvath seem to have inspired meyer in many ways...

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In this patent he seem to use a concept that is the concept behind the covalent bound breaking that i found.

in other patents he also describe the hydrogen fracturing process ionizing hydrogen for getting nuclear reations inside ICE and resulting in helium and other products on the exhaust.. 

found these last night , born 1929 = 86 years old , if hes still alive.....


is he still alive?

i have no idea... anyone local could try a contact?

If he reported getting fusion, or transmutation, I think that indicates he was using exotic energy.  The same thing with the Papp Motor.  By exotic energy I mean a signal which contains more than one wave form.  At a minimum, this would be two potentials which are at 90 degrees, or 180 degrees.  For instance, when a cap discharges in series with an inductor, the inductor's CEMF is also present.  Unlike a cap discharging in parallel with the inductor.


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