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April 28th, Latest Alternator Schematic Update

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There is a new schematic comming, unlike the last there is modifications unlike the previous alternator. Also check out my latest fuel cell built for the alternator Test Bed. The new schematic will restrict amps, and those of you out there having problems with not getting enough torq this should solve it!

if it was not for the donators on this forum there would be no schematic because i could have not afforded the parts to do it. I give thanks to all my donators, so everyone that donated will get their names on this circuit!

I would also like to give thanks to our latest donator, highwater, Thanks goes out to him for the diodes wich cost 50 bucks! there is no way i could afforded that. This circuit belongs to you guys!

the circuit modifications will work with my last pulsing circuit, there will be changes inside the alternator meaning the diodes will have to be removed and reinstalled. This is the problem this circuit will yield, its a problem because you cant use factory alternator diodes, you must get what they call positive diodes and negative diodes from ebay. at this time i cant really say how many diodes will be needed, i am shooting for 6, also the type of diodes has not yet been tested, the diodes are here and waiting for my cell to be finished. i really at this time can not comment on what type or how many diodes to get,  but the circuit is on its way soon!

Give me some time, i still havent got my cell together yet, i just thought its time to let you know what has been going on so hold tight.

If any of you know what is the WYE in the alternator???  I s that the field winding in our alternator ???
I'm having trouble getting any H V to my cells...
thanks   Bruce

Hi bruce,

The wye is the big buch of copperwire.
Its the non moving collection of coils.
We call it the stator.

when you dont get any volts, you probably didnt have any volts on the rotor......
Without volts on the rotor, you dont create a magnetic field.


Yes and thank you for the very Quick responce.However in my schematic I need to get the Neg side of the circuit ( the inner tubed ) to the Wye as I see it which of the three that are there is the correct one???? and do you use just two of the alternor leads to run the outter tubes ( positive side ) ??? there seemms to be alot of incorrect info on this subject...

thanks again   Bruce


connect all outertubes together.
Connect all innertubes together.
Connect to the 3 wires of yr stator your 6 diodes.
Connect all positive diodes together and mount them to yr outertubes.
Visa versa with your neg.diodes and hook those up to the innertubes.



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