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How to find the efficiency of a fuel cell

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 I’ve been testing a new fuel cell design and am wondering if I am figuring the efficiency of it properly. I am getting 1.5 litters every 15 sec. or 6 litters a min or 360 litters an hour. I am at 13.2 volts and 49 amps. I think this is 646.8 watts of power consumed. So if I’m right that’s 646.8 / 360 =  1.80/watts/litters. Is this correct? And how much power will a 100% efficient unit use. Thanks for the help.

first thing first, are you using an additive? this means something to me..

Hi KB,

I made a calculation for you:
Liters: 1,5
Seconds: 15
Volts: 13,2
Amps: 49
LPM: 6
Watts: 646,8
Wh/L: 1,8
mL/W/h: 556,59
Percentage compared to Faraday: 130,9%

That is impressive!
I ll gues you used some additives in your cell.
Can you publish some pictures?


 I am using 2 tsb. of KOH. The cell is a design unlike anything that I have seen published. Its size is 18" long x 10"wide x 1" tall. It makes very little heat unless you add kOH to raise the amps to 75 amps or higher. I will be going out of town tomorrow for the weekend but will post pictures early next week, but I won’t release the inner working until I try the addition of the pulsed alternator on this design. You guys are going to love how simple this design is.

 To correct an error thats 2 table spoons of KOH.


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