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Ionizationx's PWM with gating circuit and EEC, designed by Electrojolt


Hi folks,

Here some info from the past, which was not centrally stored at the electronic circuit topics.
Its a project done by Claudio, aka Electrojolt.

Its the best PWM with gating and with EEC option.
Much better then the Dave Lawton based circuits.
Stable frequency and gating signal! One is not moving when the other is changed.....

The build description can be found here in Electrojolts project section:

Parts needed:
3 555 timers
3 LM311 comparators
1 LM7808 8 volt regulator

2 100uf 35volt electrolitic cap
5 .1uf (104) seramic caps
3 1uf caps
3 10nf (103) caps
3 330pf caps (331)
3 2n2222 or 2n4401 NPN
4 2n2907 or 2n4403 PNP

3 or 6 FCPF11N60 Mosfets get some extra incase you kill some..
4 2.2kohm
13 1Kohm
3 10Kohm
3 100k or 200k or 500K Potenciometer
3 1K Potenciometer
3 10K potenciometer
8 on-on mini togle switches


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