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I will perfect and make a schematic for pulsing the rotor... this way works just as good but it is not self powered, meaning you have to apply around 15 watts of power to the rotor from your battery, its just a simple 555 timer circuit with a slow pulse cap.

in the past self sustaining circuit i used no diodes, since the rotor is being pulsed this circuit will have to have diodes between pins 6 and 7.

the difference between this circuit and the other, this circuit almost produces as much gas, there is a reason for this because of the voltage the rotor see's with the last circuit, there was more voltage working the rotor. in this circuit the voltage will be lower, so you get less gas.

the advantage to this circuit, you dont have to babysit the cell when its running, you can set the pots and walk away where in the last circuit you could not do that, also with this setup there is alot less torq on the driver motor.

Here she is...

looking good, sir.


look great!

Can't wait for the Schematic


looks nice


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