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I am not getting. What is the meaning of VIC? Can anyone give me elaborate information about VIC?

VIC = Voltage Intensifier Circuit

It involves pulsing a coil for high voltage spikes or something like that IIRC.

This is ionization X and this question should have been answered, there should be solid answers here. I will address this post Tonite!

Sorry for the delay, and yes, Voltage intensifier circuit as stan created it. Stans famous statement, voltage would go to infinity if the electonics would allow it.
So what is it?

It is a device stan created to take to the patent office to prove that the theory worked! The device Proved hydrogen could be produced in large amounts using voltage potential and little current flow. The device offered by stan called the VIC to the patent office Convinced the patent office into giving stan his patent. The device was obviously "more effiecient" than normal direct current which heated up, the device ran cold. Boldly put,

THE DEVICE WAS A SMALL SCALE MODEL that proved stans ideal was different than normal electrolysis, and the device was promising and it worked! Stan got his patent on it didn't he!

How it works.

The Vic uses 2 chokes, when a Primary Transformer IS NOT used the PWM or whatever device you choose to use will EMIT BACK EMF. To catch this EMF you would use a shunt diode. To Magnify the voltage potential you would use a secondary side of transformer, the primary and NOT A SHUNT DIODE. The secondary primary creates a larger EMF that RESONATES with the CHOKES at a "  CERTAIN FREQUENCY " Hence, RESONANCE. The Primary side of the step up transformer shall NOT be shunted as it reduces the resonance , and even kills it.

PWM, This allowes resonance to occur,  You can not have self resonance if you are providing the power! you start the resonance, stop, cut power, and let it resonate! Then switch the power back on to repeat, PWM. It is this Cell that takes a charge and flys to infinity.


There has to be no load for resonance of this setup to occur, it can be seen with NO LOAD at all, and it can be recorded on a oscilloscope! This is why the water needs to be none conductive with no additives.

Water reacts to a step charge affect when a static pull charges in play. A high voltage Microwave oven diode could be used to produce direct current for the water molecule if the water was (Very Clean). IT IS NOT A AMP CONSUMING PROCESS. The device was presented, and proved to work, the patent insures this.

Now that the VIC is out of the way, Stop Screwing off and put this baby on a larger scale where it belongs, Put the VIC on the shelve after you realize how it is working, IT IS A TOY. The real deal produces much more power, and sever hundred more volts.

Back EMF is the key. Voltage is not exactly just a Baloon sticking to a wall, or a static shock. it is a tool that can be used.

Many of you have not seen the light behind the curtain because one can not see past the point made. This is as clear as I can explain it to you. You do not need a Ferrite core to hit resonance, you dont need tuned chokes, (you do need the right resonate frequecy of the circuit) and you do need to be educated on how to run a Function generator, and trust me when I say this guys, it can take a week to learn how to tune these things or longer. 555 is complete junk when searching for resonance, a 555 is for when you already know the freq and you want a machine to produce that freq.

Get a PWM Generator or get off the porch! Learn what the DC OFFSET is for, because you will need that! This keeps heat down and makes the waves flow harmlessly to the coils, learn what start stop phase is, (you can not hit resonance without that!!!!!!) I will say this a second time so you can be sure and hear me, you can not hit resonance on the VIC without the Start Stop Phase. You will find that a sine wave is just as good as a square, and a triangle is of no use at all.

Happy testing!

Oh, charge your cells with Direct DC before you begen, Dont charge it if you're looking for the large booms that shakes the table.

Happy Testing.

Hello Hydrocars (and the others :-) ).
I can confirm that part of using the chokes with no transformer, shunt diode is a must, otherwise the power of the collapsing chokes is wasted (during the pulse off time).
Please people, play with it and you will see the "pulse doubling effect".


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