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Magnet effecting Unipolar Pulses on toroidal Core

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I just found that if i get a magnet close to the primary coil of my toroidal transformer with the polarities paralleled with the coil i get strange effects on current and voltage being induced on the secondary....

In one case the current will drop 4 times meaning it will consume 4 times less current while raising the voltage a little bit,

 and on the

Other case the current will drop just a little and voltage induced will almost double.

This might be one way to get Real over unity, because if you think about both effects could be useful in a variety of cases...

I'm editing a video that i made here and will post in some minutes...

Hope you enjoy...

I'm not sure its over unity and probably is not... However is very strange... You have to agree.



It probably has to do with the electron bounce effect , stan talk about and

the creation of a switchable path of magnetism controlled by the pulses... when the pulse is off, the permanent magnetism is allowed to enter into the coil...

i  have just found a good info for how to design transformers

just need to think that the pulses are unipolar...  for the calculations



Yes it seems to me that is the same effect...

Maybe this is the magamp

will keep using it

but i will try to figure how to increase even further the energy...


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