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It seems that it is possible to use the magnetic field of the reactor to produce electricity / current.
Because the magnetic field is moving, we should be able to pick that up with help of coils.


how is this done in detail?
if you are creating electricity of a moving part (rotor for example) you are stealing energy from it.

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  The GEET processor has a rod inside the reactor part. It is a plain steel, highly polished rod.

  As the air-fumes are drawn through the reactor tube, the rod will spin. It has been magnetized. I don't quite understand the whole deal. You have to face the vehicle-device at North. It pulls the air-fumes from the south. This is done for, at least, 20 minutes, to "Charge" the rod. The PDF I have shows this.

  Google  Leo Umila GEET processor.pdf  That gives info on a booster type system.

Here is an possible explanation on why there is current in a Geet.

The simple explanation is that as the H2O and Butane mixture move across an area that can reduce the Mixture to H2 and Carbon Monoxide then the reformer will create DC electricity with, if its working right, high Amperage. They will need to use scrubbers to remove the CO before it dumps into the atmosphere. But that is a chemical problem not an atomic one like they think. The GEET folks think that atomic reactions are occurring. Instead it is working just like the fuel in fuel cells when they create electricity. Well its like that in a nutshell anyway.


Hi Steve,

H2/CO is also known as producer gas or syngas or a component thereof along with methane.  During combustion the H2 will combine with atmospheric O2 to form water and CO will combine with atmospheric O2 to form CO2.  No scrubbers needed.  Both reactions are exothermic.

Best and easiest reference I found was : "Wood gas is flammable because of the carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and methane content." from here :



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