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--- Quote from: Steve on July 25, 2009, 10:17:46 am ---The 60ml in an hour is probably the results of the 5mA........Warj  ;).

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yes, they mentioned Ueff = 4.5V, I=1.1mA which is 4.95mW - pretty much nothing. i doubt that one can produce 60ml with 4.95mW with conventional electrolysis. (10litres / 5Wh is pretty much, and that's only the H2)

Input voltage 11v to 14v
Low input voltage cut off 10v
High input voltage shut down 15v
Reverse polarity protection 10A fuse + diode
Max continous power 75W
Efficiency at max output voltage 90%
Thermal Shutdown Yes
Output voltage 0 to 50kV @ 13.5v dc
Max output voltage 55kV @ 0mA
Output voltage type +dc
Streamer protection threshold 2mA
Overboost current threshold 1mA
Voltage monitor output Yes
Overload shutdown limit 150Watts
Current sensing hv shunt
Pulse frequency 1Hz to 100Hz
Pulse duty cycle 0 to100%
Monitor voltage 10mV per kV


Brian Coats:
Stans fuel cell as in his test of evaluation was tested to consume 40 amps at 12.5 volts, 500 watts of electrical energy to produce 7 liters of hydroxy gas every 60 seconds.

Being that i have actually taken the money and time to create a 1 liter envorment, i've found that 7 Psi of pressure in a 1 liter cavity was no where near 7 liters, More like .500 ML max.

Fact; A 1 liter Cavity Under a Pressure of 7 Psi of hydroxy gas is Proved and Tested to be equal to .500 ML or CC's of gas.
Fact; To Create a 1 liter cavity one must use the Formula for calculating the Volume of a Cylinder, From the best of my memory 3.5 inches in depth and 5.75 Id was used to create a one liter cavity.

Total cost for finding such a stupid answer for stans test of evaluation claim, $500.00 + American Dollars.

Fact, 500 Watts Multiplied by Half an amp .5 would mean you would need 1000 volts of voltage.
Fact, 500 Watts Multiplied by 40 Amps would mean you would need 12.5 volts.

Problem, Such a cell currently using 12.5 volts to consume 40 amps will not work at 500 watts using a 1 kilo voltage source because the higher the voltage the more the conductivity. Solution, Create a "series" cell that runs at 1k volts and consumes half an amp.

A very high voltage Primary coil at 100,000 volts Consuming .005 amperage of current in its self known as a Primary coil can Produce 12.5 volts of voltage at an loss of about 30 to 35 amps with an 5 to 10 amperage loss. One Hp is Equal to 746 watts of electrical power however that calculation is not perfect. If an alternator is Producing 40 amps at 12.5 volts it is clearly using Less than 1 HP "746" watts of electrical energy. Most alternators are Said to put out 2k watts of electrical energy, Thats hog wash. No alternator can operate under a 200 amp load for 20 min's without melting its internal diodes or Crystalizing the internal copper or Rotor coil. The 745 Watts per Hp does not relate to a water fuel cell device.

Learning Curb.

1. An 100 Watt Light Bulb Consumes 0.83 amps at 120 volts. 120v x .83a equals 99.6 watts
2. An 100 Watt Light Bulb Consumes .02 amps at 5000 volts. 5000 x .02 equals  100 watts.

The fuel cell is not related to the Bulb, I've shown 2 ways to power one bulb, One way has less current Flow, Hence the conductors are Cooler. The other way shows high current flow, The conductors are Hotter. No mattery the way you diliver the power, it is still 100 watts. However, If a Fuel cell operates at 12.5 volts at 40 amps, It Can Not be powered at a Higher Voltage at the same wattage Like the example i've given with the Bulb. It is because at Higher voltages Water Conducts more electrical Current, The solution is to use a series cell to create More resistance at that voltage. If you dig deep the answers are all there. I myself could only produce 5 liters of gas with no additives, Stevie got 8.

They Key to gas production is higher voltages, With higher voltages comes the need fore more ss plates, There is a Rule of the water and a formula for the number of plates you need, I know this forumula. The formula will change given your water type. If you know your water type, And you know your voltage, You can Calculate how many Plates you will need, The rule is also based on Gap size. With one fuel cell comes many numbers you must learn. Gap size, Water, Voltage. If you know those, and you know how to enter that into the forumla you can calculate almost anything.

There is No Fuel cell that is Parallel with tap water you can get 1k volts across. If you see someone doing this, Then it is probably me, I only know how thats done. The secret is in the Core, A very rare core of an choke. There is 1 core that will allow such voltages across such a dead short, And it must have an isolated ground. It is Also Meaningless since the Super high voltages across the cell produces hardly any gas. Its more of an useless standing wave.  I do not know what the core is made of, I have no part number. The Core was salvaged from one of the hundreds of electronic junk piles that i have. I Will be willing to send the core off for testing to someone that has the equipment to determine what the core is, No charge. The core can not be identified unless it is tested the proper way. It is a round torriodal core. It is black, it has no colors. The core is not a normal core. The voltage in the Kilo volt rang is Read Directly across the 2 9 tube parallel cell containing Tap water or an conductive water, even additives. No matter the voltage caused across the parallel cell Amp flow is not permitted. There is Radio waves emitted from the device during operation. Holding a Flouresent Bulb anywhere Near the fuel cell will light the bulb. The voltage is across the fuel cell, However nothing much happens. However, When you place a Flouresent Bulb between the electrical choke and fuel cell, Gas is produced. Most of the radio freq's come from the primary of the transformer. The device should be shielded in a Aluminum Box. It can cause you to have electrical Shocks in your brain at night when you sleep due to the harmfull radiation. The Choke can litteraly smoke and melt at no current flow. You can gain RF burns to your skin, I have gained such burns from this device as well as the shocks in my brain, Its not a very nice feeling and they seem to last for days. However, Mark my word, It is complete Junk, and its worthless.

Thank you for sharing this setup Brian.
Maybe some members will pick this up.


i then wonder why people like UncleFester claim to produce much more gas with <10W.


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