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The hostility you show is exactly what I talk about, @ outlawstc did you really think that video was about me showing my welding skill, we have been running engines on HHO for quite some time, and the steam was being used to lean out and slow burn HHO
I left the old fashion internal combustion engine 4 months a go, in time you are going to see the next step in HHO evolution
I'm on this forum now and then to see and learn about people and who to talk with, Stevie and Hydro and a few other know me from before, do you think I would really care if I was to be banned??
I'll stop posting and rather PM those I need to talk to, good luck boys

Mr H2inICE

Hi folks,

About mr.browngas, he is known by me and others here for a long time now and i havent seen him being nasty against others.
Not choosing sides if for me not a crime. Please dont feel bad about it.

Do not forget what i wrote earlier here. The buzz aka waterboy aka Mewilson aka whatever is a very very smart person who plans things months in advance. That person is smart, driven by something we don not know.
Do not let this person come between us......then he wins.

I hope you all get a grip on your selfs and keep on going the good work....its needed.
Go build, test, develope, talk, write and please, let us have some fun too, oke?


Praise the Lord and pass the amunition ;) (famous words of by Stanley Meyer)

So far, I have counted 5 screen names for Buzz here on OU.  He thinks he is smart and uses a "spoofing" program, which he admitted to in the topic "The Young Effect".  This assigns random IP addresses when you log on.  But, trust me, it can be broken.  So, to answer your question, I can't give you one number as he uses many.  Here he has used....Meltdown, Cabinboy, the Buzz, Farrah Day, and a few others I can't recall at the moment.

It is easy.  Buzz gets banned, which he has on this forum several times, and then, the next post someone else is correcting everyone's spelling or misuse of the English language.

So, he has not 1 IP address, he has many.  And soon, mark my words now that I have outed his Farrah Day name, he will be back on as some other "newbie" and saying the same stuff over and over.

For the people who wanna follow Fara day:

Country: UK
Gender: FEMALE


a must watch.. Robbin Williams always does funny impersonation's ... its nine minutes of chuckles on some current event topics.



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