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 I've been doing some reading, and came across some interesting info. This pertains to Hydroxy, or not using it.

  I read that when HYDROGEN, is introduced outside the combustion chamber, the light hydrogen fuel displaces air in the mixture, thereby reducing power 20-30% compared to gasoline.  This is STRAIGHT HYDROGEN, NOT Hydroxy.  If we figure Hydroxy is 50% Hydrogen, that really dilutes the strength of the fuel, no ???

  Has anyone ever tried measuring HYDROGEN production ONLY from their cell ???  Bubbling through Sulphuric Acid will give a good ballpark number.  It would be interesting to know how much HYDROGEN alone, is really being produced, compared to Oxygen and steam ???

  If this is not usable info, then, so be it. I have other morsels, but, hesitate to post them, unless y'all feel I have your interest ???  Don't want to confuse anyone with useless info. ???


The hydrogen does displace far more air than fuel does.
However it is only the oxygen in the air that is usefull; so displacing air with Oxygen is a good thing!  :)

( 78.something % of air is Nitrogen. This is useless to an engine and just causes NOx pollution. If you could come up with a way of filtering out Nitrogen and the other gasses in air, so that ony Oxygen is left; You would be able to use an engine that is 20% the size of your current one and still get the same power with much less pollution.  :) )

Now volumes:
Different gasses, as a general rule, take up the the same volume at a given pressure.
Now H2O is, by its chemical name; 2 parts H and one part O.
Therefore; for any given volume of HHO two thirds of the gas will be hydrogen.  :) 

Its all perfectly ...er... logical when you think about it!  ;D


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