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Not sure if someone has already did this, this is just something that i thought up and i am going to do it! sick of high electric bills, anything i can do to manage money i'm going to do it.. in a few years i hope to shut most the power coming from the utility pole away for good!

Please start a thread on any thing "simple" and affordable that we all can benefit from.

Here is my ideals, i have not constructed it yet because some jerk head out bidded me on ebay, i didn't get the water pump i wanted, it was 120 volts .95 amps, thats only 114 watts wich is just a smit more that what a 100 watt light bulb uses.

i remember walking into a plant one day and i seen a water pump pumping water up to the top of the copper fins, the water would run down the fins and the fan would blow a mist threw the fins, i remember ice forming at the bottom of the unit. now that i have given it thought i would like to try my ideal, if it saves on the utility bill then i dont think it matters to have a brand new car radiator hanging out your window.

My ideal is to get a car radiator "i already have it" and a water pump. the water pump will LOOP water back threw the radiator via the 2 output hoses connected to the radiator, the faster the Loop of flowing water the colder the radiator. The Fans blowing threw the radiator may just be the same fans used to cool the radiator that the car uses.

so the water pump consumes over 100 watts of energy, thats nothing, small solar panels and a dc converter can be used to power the pump, or you can just get a DC water pump. Also the fans on the car that will be blowing threw the radiator is already DC, so a small solar panel again will do the trick,,, when it is at the hotest part of the day the fans will be blowing their hardest!

The radiator will keep the water and use it, not vaporizing into the air so no need to add water, maybe a littler each year or so? The key is get your home cool without the use of power comming from the utility pole. sick of paying these redickaless prices, they add Charges to your bills every year that dont even make since, this DRIVES US INTO CREATING OUR ON POWER< they want to be that away they can keep that part of the energy..

so soon This world will be powered by nothing more than the sun and batteries, its already happened on some small islands today that you're not probably aware of. there is an old abandoned ship island that has been abandoned and it is now 100% ran from the sun and is now a small city.

i will post pictures of the unit as it starts to go together, we will see if it proves to cool a room or whatever, this is time consuming for me to fit it into my hydrogen technology, but if it cuts back on bills than its worth a try.

Please feel free to post anything related to cutting back on the energy bills, or anything related to cutting back on spending money period.

Lets Have FUN!

The unit that you saw in the factory was a water over air refrigerated evaporated coil that is used to cool large areas and add moisture to the air for static control. It uses large amounts of energy. Its far from low cost cooling. Water evaporating would remove a few btu's in your system but not much.

By the way Im a great fan. I have been reading your post for awile and am very impressed with your work. Keep up the great work.

Thanks very much! as a child dad always pointed out to me the air conditioner in one of our towns local buildings, it was a chimney and a pump would pump water to the top, the water would then fall busting on each board as it got lower to the ground, a fan then blowed across it. it kept the building cool. also today another dentist uses this technique, he has a pond like thing in his waiting room, mist floats in the air and is blown by the air the water creates, its really cool, i like it.

later dad told me about how he had to keep the refrigerator filled with caraseen before it would freez??? yup, thats right, back in his day his fridgerator worked off caraseen,,, find some information on that?

i am still clueless to how it worked, and to why one cant be found today... this means you can convert sunlight directly into a system to cool your home, he also talked of the way the coils was in it, and how it circulated back and forth, he really didn't remember how it worked but he said he rememberd a man that had to come fix it several times, he says he remembers it so well because he had to keep it full of caraseen. it was actually his mom and dads frige, he had several other brothers and sisters and at the time it was his job to keep the fridge working.

In the early days when I started refrigeration many people had AC condensors that would burn propane.  Do you know if that fridge burned the keroseene. It probably also used amonia as its refrigerant. When I was a kid living in California we had a swamp cooler which would cool with water flowing down a coil and blowing air across it. It worked great but here in Missouri the summers are to humid for the evaporation to be effictive. Refrigeration is nothing more than pressure. If you take a modern system you have a compressor which compresses the gas than you cool it and it turns into a high pressure liquid. You then send it through a metering device into a low pressure and it evaporates absorbing heat. Then you start the process over again.  In the system with amonia you use the propane to heat the amonia causing a high pressure gas you cool it and you have a high pressure liquid. You send it througe the metering device and it evaporates absorbing heat. They are still used today but the cost of propane makes them not very cost effictive. Do a serch for propane fueled absorption AC systems. There are diagrams that show the process. Thanks for the work.


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