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So where do you get your tubing from? I'm currently using a raintube but i can't see anything, i'd like to have visual feedback for production, but all pvc tubes i found are shockingly expensive. and i have not found glass tubes.

how much do i have to pay and do you know where i can get transparent tubing?

Check all_acrylics at ebay USA.
The smaller thinner stuff they sell real cheap.
The larger stuff costs more because you have to buy a 72" piece.

You may also want to check ot McMaster Carr.  Still expensive though. 

For a  single  6"  tube test unit  I have modified an Ace Hardware Whole House Water Filter. Part Number HF-360 ACE.   You can   easily get a lot more tubes in there.   The body is Clear Acrylic. And it is machined to screw into the base.  Sealed with an O ring.

I just mounted some legs made from  aluminum flat bar ( Lowes/Home Depot)  an turned it upside down.   Then I made a round base from a  piece of PE ( Plastic Cutting Board) that fits inside the the fliter base to seal it up and to use as a flat base for the tube holder.    Glued that  in with  marine adhesive.   

If you are on a budget,  this makes a good unit for testing and the cost is only $38.00 for the filter.  Compared with $200-300  for a piece of Acrylic Tubing its a good deal.


i'm from germany (eu), probably stevie or someone from that country can help more precisely? shipping + taxes are a lot from us.

i saw the water filter, will probably use it but i'd have to cut the tubes (10" case, 12" tubes ..) or i'll find something i have here ..


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