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You are all SPOOKS!!!!!

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Quarktoo is waterboy, missy, Buzz, etc etc etc
He/She is back and called many of you SPOOKS.
Go have a look!
Thanks Alan for the tip!



I also downloaded the vid...

lol that guy has no life..   he says i threaten him??? lol i dont recal that i just remember acting like a ass* to him... if anyone was threatened it was me cause he was tryn to say he knew where i lived and sh*t  posting pics of one of my bosses houses on the thread from google earth.. because he looked up my email which is a business email account..  thats more of a motive to be considered threatening compared to what i said.. i have a special spot in his heart lol..  fagg...   the modulator pic is interesting..


--- Quote from: WaytoGo on June 15, 2009, 20:46:12 pm ---FORGIVE AND FORGET, we got better things to do..

--- End quote ---


Dont even comment on his video .

Aww.. I didn't make the spook list... Darnit.  Lol.

Interesting...    Theories come a dime a dozen, however.

video made by this poster


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