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the world has been living in underunity..


for every action (performing work) on earth there is 3 possible paths into the furtue..over unity,  no unity, and under unity.... us humans only task in the 3rd dimension as action..... so we people can be determined as to which path we lead from our results in time..

there are 3 ways (paths)
people create work which is action... weather your chillen by the pool or washing dishes your allways performing work... whether your doing it on your natural biological level(heart pumping blood) or on the physical change level of our world... there are only 3 actions that can be performed in our relativity.. good neutral and evil... action is nothing more then the path your are following.. for action to happen you must also be traveling in a direction.. that direction is toward the future... so the 3 actions can lead you down 3 different paths... one to heaven, one to no where, and one to hell.

you have the positive people which are compassionate for life and they are the ones in charge of leading the worlds mass population to higher gains down the path of god....

you have the neutral people, which are the ignorant and or lost...they cant keep up with the truth and tend to lean which way seems appealing in life.. they tend to only view life in a 2-d perspective. they also tend to appear fake since they seem mindless and caught in a box

then you have the negative. people which are the careless destructive evil.. they only focus on self gains and ignore all relative problems that don't pertain to their personal gains.. they lead the mass down the path of hell and destruction...

my point is what if heaven was hell and vice versa and its right here on earth.. i would say we have had negative in charge for to long and its time to head back to gods path... so this is how i see it.. every action on earth can fall into those 3 types of results determined by time and the path taken.. so wheres the missing link in recovering control for gods gains? a good kill and a bad kill.  kills are a sure way to rid of un wanted  actions... the rule thou shall not judge only pertains to the unseen action.. you damn sure have the right to judge evil actions.  the negative has been sending the neutrals out and killing them by the dozens in war... these kills are for personal gains not gains by god... so therefore all the kills going on are bad kills....  you tell me where can i find some good kills lol.

We will never know what heaven is like, because we're in hell already. 


--- Quote ---We will never know what heaven is like, because we're in hell already. 
--- End quote ---

 this is a example of a negative step (pulse) ruling out hope leads a PATH to no where... the key is understanding that even though your sitting in a chair and not moving you are still following a PATH.. which is TIME...    so never say never...  anythings possible remember that... think about how far we got in 100 years... we could flop the energy path in 1 day... it just takes teaching the truth and practicing it with the neutral masses.. think about the all seeing eye on the fake dollar bill.. it is a triangle.. it has 3 sides... you know there isnt 2 sides to every story but there is 3.. stop thinking 2-d. then they have the all seeing eye they illuminate with visual paths (media).. the path in todays present time is terrorism and economy failure.. they are fake.. but they have engineered these paths so they can experience personal gains.


Overunity is everything and notting at the same time.. When i start my day i leave yesterday behind and start fresh with love.Love is a very high form of energy... Love is also a door opener to a higher state of mind.. Information will start flowing to you like you was connected to a larger network... Love is a high frequency like angels at energy level above light.

I think that my  body is my friend and i can talk or think nice thoughts to it.. (try the same and feel the respond) i have borowed it from this planet wich is also my home. This planet has made my body with all its minerals and ingredients developed over billions of years.. This planet has 75% water and our bodys have also 75% water. Water is a big part of our life. Do we treat water with love on this planet?.. Do we treat our body with love?.. do we treat  other people or animals and insects with love?..

What do we treat with love?.. Money and our cars, boats and houses, clothes and other dead stuff... We even shoot animals and hang them up on a wall for a bizzarre decoration.So we treat dead things with love and respect... like Michael Jackson.

I change myself and change again, i am now the one you can depend.

The closest thing to overunity is our soul and there is a much more to learn for the litle man on the litle blue planet in an endless universe...


if we only had a projector aiming at the moon so everyone can see a messege of this perspective.   overunity as a whole will not come from compettion based survival..
for the people of the worlds conflict and differences we must choose a different path for handeling differences.  we must not reflect negative on negative.. it shall result in a multiplied negative (bad energy= no gain)  you must either reflect the negative with a equal positive to cancel out the negative or you can respond with more of a positive energy and result with a positve.... for one to take control in life and have the power to apply these tools must learn real energy conservation... we have allways been taught to fight for what we stand for... i agree but lets use better paths to apply our perspective from rather then war and greed of wanting things to mold  from a self concieved image of reality that some try to meet...

we all know you must have good with bad or life wouldnt have character... character is like a high pressure of a storm meeting a low.. when opposite pass each other they create action aka life.. they must exist in balance not only in daily life interactions thoughout society but even with what we eat..  the result of balance is a canceling effect.. to have a canceling effect is to be in balance with one self..

it seems that america has been fooled in brought into the quantative world of thinking... we look for gains that count one way and that is away from 0.. alot of people dont understand the mirroring effect that lies behind a quantative gain such as 1,000,000 in the bank.. natures natrual want and force to stay balanced 0 has a funny way of making such figures disappear.. whether it be spent on drugs, toys, or junk. most people cant handle sitting on money.. they want to see it in action. alot could even make that turn to a negative figure...
. so when people can see that energy is free and we can live in freedom under our own rules living under our tru birth right on this spec of blue in the vast space of the unknown. that is when overunity and the feeling of home will return.


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