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An alternator alternative to air conditioning

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I've got plans to fabricate brackets on my engine to run a second alternator dedicated to the fuel cell, independent of the automobiles voltage regulated 12v system.
All you need to do is unbolt the air conditioning compressor then modify the brackets to fit your un-regulated alternator of choice. Then wire it to a pulse gen with high voltage DC transformer ....

Here is a bracket I made to mount this early style Ford Alternator.
This alternator will be un-regulated output directly to the fuel cell.
Factory alternator is on the drivers side and the fuel cell generator is on the passenger side.
This is a 22r engine

more soon...   ;D

the problem with this is that the alternator frequency is dependent on speed, and your engine wont be spinning the alternator when you want to start your car, so you wont be able to run your wfc off it directly, but it looks like you have it all figured out, i hope you get some good results

This test is to get better gas mileage and to experiment with the effects of this fuel and how to deliver it.


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