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bob boyce hex controller version 3.0

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Anyone else interested in buying a hexcontroller?


--- Quote from: waterboy on January 15, 2013, 18:40:25 pm ---Anyone else interested in buying a hexcontroller?

--- End quote ---

Dear Waterboy,

Which version do you have of the hexcontroller?


Also V3,0

How much?
Can you post a picture.
Also 1,2 question, how did you acquire this hex controller?
Did you have any good results from its use?

Watkykjy intoduced me to the person that made the hexcontrollers for bob, I think there are only 6 of these made.
I was doing hho reasearch on 101 cell but never connected the controller, I did progam it and hooked my scope on it but after that a woman came in to my life then a kid and a house and never had time for playing with it.
I also made the toroid same wire and turns as Watkykjy also for sale.
price for the hex controller: 700 dollar
price for the toroid: 250 dollar
for both 900 dollar


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