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bob boyce hex controller version 3.0

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i have a bob boyce hex controller version 3.0 for sale it is new 

i have never hooked power to it   

i bought it from him in 2010  took it out of the package looked at it and put it away  at the time i got it i think it was the 2nd or 3rd one he sold  im not sure but it think he only sold 7  total

it is a newer version than the one watkjaka has 
it is complete and has the orginal code bob put in it

i also have torroid i got with it  and a  programming cord and disc

i would like to get  what i paid for it  which was   700   if interested pm me thanks


Wer those low or high impedance units?

could you elaborate  a little i thouhgt impedance only applies to ac circuits

also the board is silk screen with the  hex controller bob boyce copyright

We would need to ask Mr Boyce about that.

Hello Dudley,

Is this controller still for sale ?

I ' m interested to buy it.

Or is there somebody here on this forum who knows where to buy or to make such a controller board ?

Thanks already !



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