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Generation of electricity by usage of moving magnetic fields

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More very good info in this wapedia:
 info is much better than wiki


Its clear to me now what kind of system this really is , the phonon effect explained to me by an awesome professor with clear and beautiful notes . So this is what Stan meant by a resonant cavity , same as puharich . A hydrophone or a listening device is a very useful instrument for this project .

That video of the ping pong ball , the quotes from Stephen and Puharich , the ac , the alternating 3 phase triple tube setup , and this video makes it all come to light  on what I should be looking for for maximum vibration . Still have many questions but I am norrowing it down . Its pretty easy to see why people people are hitting a wall . Low skills , extreme complexity and misleading information mixed together .

I will be dealing with this as a stricly acoustical device and deriving proper empirical studies and maximum power tuning from there .

nice that you enjoyed man wish you good lucky .

I'm not sure what the phonons can do to the gas but he clearly described that the velocity of sound in a gas depends on its temperature and its mass. Velocity in meters per second = square root of temperature/mass 

in common air is 340 meters /second


See that tuning video @ 42 minutes .

Here is an quote  from Stan's brother .

Just as tuning fork rings when struck by a hammer , so does  the waveguide elements immersed in hydroxyl generating liquid when struck by electrical signals from impedance matching circuits .

It looks to me as if there could be two oscillations here , the water acting as the ping pong ball , the tubes simply shaking @ a much lower frequency .

That 440 is like 4-5 inches long , speed in water is 1500 m/S . About 4.3 times faster

This means about a 16 inch long cell to match the wavelenght

""In molecular dissociation one fork of 620 is  used,  setting
          the chords on the first octave.

         "In atomic  separation  two  forks, one of 620 and one of 630
          per second; setting the chords on the second octave.

         "In the etheric three forks;  one of 620, one of 630, and one
          of 12,000, setting the chords on the third octave.

As a matter of further clarification, Keely states that you cannot
    DIRECTLY dissociate a single level of aggregation due to the shell
    structure of matter.
                                  Page 2

    In other words,  if  you  wish to dissociate the Atomic level, you
    must first dissociate the molecular  to  be  able  to  get  to the
    atomic.  That follows also if you wish to dissociate  the etheric,
    you must disrupt the molecular AND the atomic, THEN the etheric.

    Keely refers to this technique as progressive dissociation.



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