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Open letter to P. Lindemann

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hows this for somthin new...   the config in his set up is one i havent seen before... he has only one lead from hot hooked to 4 way bridge rectifire with only one lead from primary... he takes other end of primary from the common microwave transformer and connect to a excitor.. then the other exciter is connected to secondary through a diode and that same excitor has a connection to neutral..  the neutral that is not being connected to the rectifier i think.. anyways check out the vid by kevin west.. interesting watch

For me he have nothing steve. 


--- Quote from: sebosfato on January 12, 2010, 13:54:09 pm ---For me he have nothing steve.

--- End quote ---

I was a bit drunk, when i send him that question.
I am sure he doesnt know how it all works.
Read his answer. The great Dr. Lindemann in a daily job? Is this the man from
Borderland, trying to solve the great mistery's?

I am a bit shocked by his request not to ask more questions. Thats such a signal that he doesnt want to get REAL questions.

As Stan said: you have to aske the right questions. Well, my questions towards Lindemann did obvious hurt him on the right spot.....


I saw some of Peters videos,and my impression is,He Doesn't Know Crap!!!
Not from what I've learned first hand
Forget about him,just another wanna be trying to say he knows how to do it,but doesn't.

Anyone read the Quantum keys book from Lindemann and Aaron? I heard from a friend a terrible story: They urge you to hook up your mind to theirs every week so they can tap you off of your information in case you have some.....

Well, mind control is what they are after and their employer should be obvious to anyone in here... ;)

Fact is they never presented anything functional in 30+ years, just wasting your time. Aaron once said he "saw" his first Gray engine in -94...... Where and how did that happen??....

Forget them and keep working open source, my advice.


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