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since we use audio frequencies i am curious as to what types of audio amplifiers people are using for there signal generators?

anyone......has no one actually hooked ther function generator up to anything with real power yet??

I thought I was the only one that thought about using a car amp as a RF amp. We have a full range car amp on order that should prove the benefits of using a cheap car amp to up the voltage coming from the function generator or PWM circuit. The only amp we have in stock right now is a sub amp and the frequency is limited to 200 HZ. But the benefits are great compared to using a MOSFET to do the switching.
Here is the blog athat leads to the print on this subject:

So far the amp allows you to bring up a 5 volt signal from the function gen. right up to 33 volts with high amps that drive the step up transformer directly. It is awesome.
Captain Willy

yeah i will eventually go that route......but for now i just use my function generator which has an amplitude of up to 20 volts and a mosfet to provide my power.....it works well.

Welcome to the team captain .


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