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Recently was in a Lowe's Home Center.

 Found a LARGE whole house water filter housing. It was about 4" dia, and 12"-14" high. There would be plenty of room for plates or even tubes, and it has the "O" ring sealing system. Not transparent, but, using a transparent bubbler cell, I'm thinking this would be a way for folks looking to build a cell, that have limited tools or mechanical ability, to get started.

 Price was right at $50.00. That might seem high, but, it's pretty much ready to put the insides into, and they hold 65# of water pressure, so, I can't imagine why they wouldn't work for SOME vacuum, at least, if not a high vacuum.

  I would think SOME vacuum is better than none, EH ???

  My next trip to the states will include buying one of those housings. I have LOTS of room under the hood of the Fryer oil burning,  Land Cruiser.  ;D

I looked at those housings and if you look around when you go to buy one you can find the transparent ones too. The cost is about the same.

If your really trying to save you can build it out of PVC a lot cheaper. PVC will hold for the pressures we are using. Of course PVC is not going to be transparent unless you opt to buy the Clear Sch 40 PVC but then you're back into the bucks....


 I understand all what you say, Dr. Not. I was just trying to help those that are having trouble finding stuff to build with, AND, the "O" ring needs to be seated IN a channel, so vacuum won't suck it out of shape and release the vacuum. THAT'S not an easy thing to do, for a lot of folks.  ::)

  I only saw the larger unit this time, never before, but, I do live in the jungle, so to speak.  ::) ;D ;D


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