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--- Quote from: sebosfato on September 05, 2012, 13:15:21 pm ---Thats cool i saw it some time ago...


I guess that tesla used hundreds of kilohertz... I mean, he used the wireless transmission device as a part of the circuit, it was not actually a transmitter, it was a trans-receiver amplifier... I imagine that when two like this are tune together having a difference on potential between the two ad they resonate, energy come into play...

I guess that incident tunguska was this thing getting out of control... because probably he hit some resonance that became so powerful it lost control.

So he has a source of 100 Giga watts  24h a day... he simply taped into it...

How? he used some energy to create a resonance between two antennas, in such way that the antenna use this extra energy to amplify the signal...

Cant you use DC to sustain a resonance? sure! 

7 hertz is too low to resonate... is not impossible but the inductances must be very big, and with thick wire... probably a core would help since the frequency is low.... 

My only fear is that this energy being consumed the earth stop spinning and go out of the orbit...

--- End quote ---

So, Tesla created some kind of potential difference with help of earthly ground and our airspace and tapped into that.
What i have learned with resonance systems, is that setting up resonance is not that difficult.
But the energy that you take out such a system is something you also have to put back in....

Maybe the earth can amplify a LC circuit and that would give you free energy to tap into.


Can you work out an LC calculation for a 7.82hz  system?
How big in henries would the coil be and the capacitor?



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