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Book bedini-Bearden Free Energy Generation


Has anyone read this book? Bedini-Bearden Free Energy Generation (Circuits & Schematics)[/size]
I have attached it...[/color]

I strongly get the idea that Stanley used the vic to "Ring" the vacuum and tap off the electrostatic scalar potential energy by generating sharp DC pulses. Energy towards the VIC is only used to tap this energy therefore using almost nothing of positive energy but only negative energy (maybe this is why the water stays cool? negative energy cools, positive energy heats?)[/color]

Has anyone used these radient spikes on a WFC? perhaps with a bedini circuit?[/color][/color]


More information on Meyers wfc fueled by Radient energy by using bedini setups.

A replication in Germany: http://www.overunity.com/index.php?topic=3725.0

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 Most interesting: This machine will also produce a lot of HHO gas when it is run with a water electrolysis cell. the current then drops to 200 mA. There is definitely a connection between the bedini pulse and the Stan Meyer water splitter.

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