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IonizationX reference circuit for waterfuelcells

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Many have asked me for a schematic on how to drive a waterfuelcell.
Here is what i call, the IonizationX reference schematic. This is what works best sofar.
The circuit is build to make use of BEMF pulses for an optimum result.
Because the duty is around 98%, you will have almost strait DC, but in the very short
off periode of the cycle, you will get the BEMF pulse into your WFC.

Please be so kind to share your results here in this topic when you build this circuit.

Best regards

24 hours earlier and i could have bought the diodes. I made a larger order today at an online store. Maybe i'll try in the future or use 1n4007s ...  :-\


Sorry to hear that.
Well, match components to your setup. For a tubecell, i would say make more circuits. For each 2 tubes one. This because of the terrible low resistance, when you have like 8 in parallel.


i looked into the data sheets for the diodes, aren't they oversized? even a 1n4007 does have a rating of 1000V/1A, which is 1000W, the diodes you mentioned can hold much much more, as i remember the concept was to inhibit current to the mA range.
why this large diodes?

maybe the initial current surge of each pulse on the diode is grand before the choke chokes it off??


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