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Stan Meyer's Cell Solved by sdfab


Has anyone seen this vid on YouTube?  Please comment.  This guy does sound very credible.

Stan Meyer's Cell Solved


I have seen it before. The man, (Peter)  he has done not enough research on all of Stan's work to have claimed he solved Stan's patent.


Yes, I'd like his e-mail address.  Thanks.

If it really worked as Lindemann or even Meyer's documents say, you can test it easily:

Everything the circuit should do according to the patents is magnifying pulsed direct current greatly to charge the capacitor, so that the high voltage field (or if you believe lindemann the high current created by the high voltage field) pulls the water molecules apart.

Verify that with:

- High voltage source
- spark gap (or high voltage switch?) to disrupt the signal at a specific frequency creating pulsed dc, and additionally a second which fires at a much lower frequency to get the meyer-like waveform
- resistor for charging the cap

Use 1000V (as stated in the patent) to try it out if bubbles form, or use 10.000V or even 30.000V
If something happens without any (aside from the charging current of the capacitor) current going into the system at all Meyer is right and you can all start building the "home" version of a high voltage source by using a battery, a transformer and an RLC circuit to increase the voltage to that point.


So, what is the truth about Meyer's cell?


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