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alternator method under 5 watts

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check this guy out over at

impressive results from just 5 watts...he also uses a netrual tube and a solid negative inner over all 3 tubes with 3 conentric electrodes in each not sure though if everything is correct on his claims but looks like a great method.

read his last post...and watch the youtube video link.

I've been watching Keven for a while, and I like his stuff. He defiantly puts a lot of effort and enthusiasm into his system and I pray for his success. Just cant wait to see that RAM run down the road on strait HHO.

he has his own logical approach and its been great to watch him cotinually get closer everytime.


i think when he refers to tidal wave he refers to stan meyers patent illustrations and his own oscope reaedings.....they should look similiar if following in the right direction.

yours is of low voltage and quite odd.


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