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Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!

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Someone did it  and published his art!

Go all and replicate this. This man is a genius!
 :D :D :D :D


looks kinda close to  his but i didnt insulate my electrode   i wonder what his gas output is  i found that the only thing resonance did was drop the voltage and ampreage needed to produce the same amount of gas   it didnt give me any more gas just super efficiancy   my wave here was at 50hz to 60 hz

guys how feasible will it be for laymen to build this setup

here is the thing as i have stated before we have to get this out to the common folks most people cant scrounge up all the electronics and parts needed for a build, myself included, however with a little help we can form an "alliance" to get this stuff out. i will give my resources to further the effort i:e: time and money

stevie and the rest of the jedi council i realize that it may take some time for u guys to assemble the unit and make a tutorial but please hurry i need the relief in my own tank and a lot of other folks do 2, i am spending $250-$300 a week onb gas right now and its goin up, both the prices and the amount of driving that i do, ive got about 6 coworkers in the same boat sooooo.....         we are dish installers.

btw i havent seen anymore on the leds and stuff to change the state of the gas is this still a needed component?

smack booster and a pond fogger would give you some instant relief  for a couple hundred dollars  you could build one and install it in less than a week  if your real motivated

This is not all of stan meyer and his work has yet to be fully "cracked"

I do have a question about JNaudin's insulated tube if he could describe it in more detail.
Does he come to this forum?


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