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I wanna explain to you all what CEMF or BEMF is. This will help to understand the VIC of Stanley better.
And please response. Any comment is ok.

If you are familiar  with  inductor  theory,  you  know that there is a phase lag of 90 degrees, before current begins to flow. So, first voltage and then current.

The best way of being able to use BEMF optimal is by de-energizing the coil  by cutting off the voltage supply at the point where EMF has ATTAINED MAXIMUM, but no longer.  Current is not allowed to be wasted as heat.

The input pulse of you circuit into the coil is positive.

The inductive "kick" (bemf)  is a HIGH NEGATIVE SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now take a look on the VIC of Stanley Meyer.....and please write here what you see.!!!

I see 2 coils which are tuned just like bedini and tesla. Its all the same when it comes to free energy drvices.
The cavitation part is what stan was bad ass with.... my $.02



[WRT stan's VIC] I see a modified FBT (flyback transformer).  Take a look at the square "singular" ferrite configuration - minus the chokes (the left side only is identical to a FBT).  Plus, i've seen the "chokes" in many different formats throughout the S.Meyer literature/docs.  Now take a look at the properties of an unrectified FBT (like an old school one found in a b/w TV).  This is my [VIC] working theory and 2 cents....

I'm new to the forum, and posted this theory in response to your "end of a myth: stanley's VIC" thread.  there's a couple of interesting links there.  as i am still experimenting w/o a cell (electronics only) I cannot test a cell using my FBT(s) - But it's high on my list of things to do...


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