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Hydrogen: which isotope or covalent bond with other atoms do we need

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Look what Gareth did with his carburator......
Plain electrolysis and air passing the electrodes...


it basically means that we MUST use a carburator system and not an injection system. We need vacuum or ambient air pressure like 0.5 mm merc. or 0 bar to give time for the hydrogen atom to react with with airs nitrogen. That results in way more atomic mass and more power and even a better burnrate.


remember what Anderson said in his famous interview.
If you put the gas under pressure, it goes out..... No use for fancy injection systems.
His cell had a pressure controlswitch that switched the cell off at very low pressure already.

Let me be a bit more carefull here. I am not certain if all needed volume of air is going thru the cell, but some part of it should.



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