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Hydrogen: which isotope or covalent bond with other atoms do we need

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if you look at history of carbs , there was vapour carb like air passing over cotton soaked with fuel , only vapour enters engine .
early heat exchanger vapour carbs used up draft while the heat plate was down next to the exhaust manifold .= cold air plus hot fuel mixes + goes up to the intake .
there was up draft carb where carb was below engine intake so fuel has to be lifted by the air .
there was side draft where carb is inline with engine intake
then there was down draft carbs up to 1980s / 90s where fuel drops down into engine , fuel is poured into engine
then everything went fuel injection

all the while there has been alternative carbs made in sheds

Pathe has a site , maybe archive too . News reel has a site and archive . the film is out there . movietone , universal , etc
it is either 1934 or 1935

my search didnt bring the fragment yet.
I understand that the serial was some kind of soapserie where the clip was showed of a car with water as a fuel....
The news clip is even harder to track...

Any suggestions....

a summary:

1. a much as possible power out of the produced gas
2. this results in a need for less gas
3. Brownsgas seems to have a bigger bang then strait dc produced gas
4. Monotomic hydrogen has a bigger mass then the atoms in the hydrogen molecule.
5. This answers the following question. Is strait dc better and more efficient or pulsed dc for producing hydrogen.
So, if you want to run an engine on water, please split the water with pulsed dc. low frequency's. Max 200hz
That way, the monotomic gas is not pulled to the other electrode and can rise out the water.

And we all know that monotomic hydrogen is very reactive.
It bonds easy with ionized gasses, like ionized ambient air.
That way you create in the waterbath, where you have to push the ionized air thru, ammonia type of gas.
Or deuterium, if the proces is influenced by a magnetic field and radiation, like soft x rays.

Thats it.
So, never try to run you car on water on strait dc, because thats a waist of time.



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