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The truth on how to run your engine on a Waterfuelcell

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Burning velocities of hydrogen-air and hydrogen-oxygen mixtures.
The burning velocity is a function of the fuel and the oxidizer and the mixture ratio.

Hydrogen = fuel
Oxygen = oxidizer

Burnrate of hydrogen+oxygen = 10 m/s till like 36.8 m/s
Burnrate of hydrogen+ air      = 1.8 m/s till like 4.4 m/s
Burnrate of unleaded petrol = 0.34 m/s



Now back to our subject here.

Hydrogen does NOT burn without use of Oxygen.
The amount of Oxygen dictates burn velocity of the HHO and air mix.

By adding electrons to this mix of gasses, we will eliminate (neutrilizes) the oxygen atoms. We neutrilize till a level that the right burnrate velocity has been achieved.

Because we need a sertain amount of gasvolume running thru the engine, we need the ambient air. So, the output of a Wfc, mixed with ambient air provides the amount of volume needed in the engine.
The addition of electrons makes the gas mix similair to petrol by neutrilizing a part of the Oxygen atoms (aka oxidizer).

CASE SOLVED (i think :) )


Now think futher:

What would happen if you where able to create an airflow with lots of "extra"electrons and make that air buble into the bottum of a waterbucket.
What could happen here?

Because there is always a jumping of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms, it would be very possible that the oxygen atom will bond with the free elctrons and we will get pure hydrogen out of the water without electrolysis......

My mind is getting crazy now...... ::) ::)


Thats what i would call "charging up the water "      LOL


Use the exhaust air flow and ionize it with lots of extra electrons and feed that into a bucket of water.....
Of use an airpump....

did you try it?


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