Author Topic: Stan Meyer Temperature of Operating HHO Units  (Read 941 times)

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Stan Meyer Temperature of Operating HHO Units
« on: May 26, 2013, 12:08:59 pm »
During the examination of the operating cluster array generator by a British delegation it was noted that it did not heat up
Max Miller has made a similar observation of his HHO cells

If one has everr opened a nearly frozen 2 liter carbonated beverage, perhaps you have had the experience of it turning to ice
as the gas escaped or the pressure is relased

If you have ever punctured a CO2 cartridge of the type used in pellet guns, the rapid adiabatic expansion of the gas cools the
orfice and condensation of ambient water vapor with subsequent ice formation is often observed.


Could the lack of or diminished  temperature increase in operating HHO cells  be due to the expansion of the HHO bubbles
as they rise and are vented from the cell?

It requires energy to compress gas so the adiabatic cooling is not free refrigeration.

It takes energy to produce HHO, but because it not standard electrolysis, it is said that little power is being consumed
thus very little heat production is observed.  Then cooling  adiabatic effects are now  no longer masked.

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