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I have been messing around with meyers vic for 8 months now, there had to be a answer, well lads its been cracked so fill ya boots.
This is a cut n paste from another site where i go under the name rizla
After building so many variations that just dont work i sat back and asked the question what is happening with meyers longitudal primary. Well mainstream science has no answer, so i dug a little deeper and uncovered the spin orbit of electrons. This creates emf in transformers, the angle of the magnetic flux affects the spin orbit of electrons and so the amount of induced emf. I was finding some answers.
Things got more interesting when i uncovered the fact that different metals have different effects when the electron orbits are manipulated by magnetic flux. In iron wire they form tiny magnets, they have a north and south pole they can attract and repel, i now have the effect meyer describes in his patents. 
take a look at this site
What it says is ferrous metals can have each atom give a 1 or 0 state, its a typical spintronics site, you have to look thru a lot to get the full picture.
The 1 or 0 are actually north and south poles, this is unique property of ferrous metals and it does not just apply at a nano level unless you wish to manipulate each atom individually.
First theorised around 1860 then proven in 1920 the spin orbit of electrons is where electronics meets magnetism, this science has been around a long time but not common knowledge.
I located some insulated iron based wire, after a number of experiments i found that a iron wire vic works, the mystery is over. Also the primary is not dual bi-directional longitudal wrap, it is a normal winding.
A recent test shows copper wire for the primary works but all other coils have to be a suitable ferrous wire like iron. Stainless, even 300 grade, is a poor choice due to electron scattering. Note as well the primary must be very tight and generate a uniform magnetic field (i mean a perfect uniform magnetic field) or current will leak out. A primary and secondary is all thats needed for testing to start with, this should read zero amps on a meter that measures down to 10uA with a short circuit. You can now wire in the inhibit and charge choke one at a time while checking for current leakage. If the primary is not wound correct you will notice the difference the inhibit choke makes in reduceing current while the charge choke adds more current.

So after building your vic you may well wonder why this has been such a problem, as you can see the patents have been altered and we have all been building crap that will never work, 4 years of running round in circles. Not only that but the spin orbit of electrons science has been hidden for about 80 years, it had to be suppressed or water fuel technology would be impossible to stop.
Happy days

Hi spintronic.

Just a fast responce. Could you do a reply with readings of the transformer and perhaps some images, also the core used - permeability and magnetic flux values allongside wire gage and wraps. This would help even further.

Thank you

hi iontruster
Yes a step by step guide with more info n pics would be a easier read for many, only people who have tried to build the vic from his vic matrix patent will fill in the gaps straight away. This is still in early development stages calculations of any sort have not been done, they probably will be needed to get high gas yield from a wfc. It has been try it and see what happens. The way i approached this was it`s 4 coils of wire, what do i have to do to make it work.
I use .63mm wire, other sizes will work. I havent found a need for flux gauges.

You need to look at meyers vic matrix patent, the copper wire is replaced by iron wire for secondary and chokes. The primary is a normal winding not as described in his patent. Have you seen the pictures of the vic spools? You need to build something that looks like that.
these pictures do not show his primary spool that fits in the middle.
I use a large flyback transformers ferrite core (large for modern designs)
It is driven with a simple darlington transistor config, some diodes and signal generator for basic function test, nothing complicated.
basically i am telling you what you need to alter to get his vic working. I will try to find time for a step by step guide however its a matter of time now before building his vic technology becomes common knowledge, the tube system, steamresonator ect will follow.  ;D
like i say this is tried and tested and 100% correct, people will build this and find it works. They can alter already built vics to work.
Read thru his vic matrix patent and ask about anything thats not clear.

Yea this technology dealing  with the spin-up (1) or spin-down (0) is currently being implemented into the next generation of Computers.

i spent 2 weeks reading thru that nano gobble-degook garbage , gave me a real headache


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