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--- Quote from: Steve on August 26, 2009, 19:39:54 pm ---Because the Geet must be made of a ferro metal, like iron or steel, it is mighty interesting
what kind of radiation is coming of the exhaust when its hot.

In the exhaust there are temperatures of between 500 and 800 Celcius or 1292 Fahrenheit.
At that temperature, people talk about having a RED hot pipe. When hotter, it is called WHITE hot.

So, we can assume that a Geet works on temperatures around the 700 degrees celcius or 1292 degrees fahrenheit and that it uses the redhot radiation.
Red hot = infrared range

Infrared (IR) light is part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum that borders the lowest frequency/longest wavelength among those that make up visible light. Just like all members of the electromagnetic wave spectrum, the IR frequencies overlap with its adjacent members. However, most of IR is between 750 nm and 1,000,000 nm.

Infrared radiation is what is emitted by a warm or hot body and is where the term 'red hot' was derived from.

The main frequency (or color) of the emitted radiation increases as the temperature increases. For example, a red hot object radiates most in the long wavelengths of the visible band, which is why it appears red. If it heats up further, the main frequency shifts to the middle of the visible band, and the spread of frequencies mentioned in the first point make it appear white. We then say the object is white hot. This is Wien's displacement law. In the diagram the peak value for each curve moves to the left as the temperature increases.


--- End quote ---

Here is the absorbtion graph of water.....
Anybody see similairitys with the range of red hot iron?



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