Author Topic: Comparing World Wide Water "Quarter Cell Tester"  (Read 1937 times)

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Comparing World Wide Water "Quarter Cell Tester"
« on: June 25, 2008, 14:32:35 pm »
People gets confused when they can only produce some gas while others claim high gas outputs, the only thing i know to do is start testing water, We all will setup a simple little Water Test someway some how to test the Conduction of the water so that we can all compare it around the world and share.

What you will need to test Water for comparoson on this forum..
1. 2 Quarters
2. A wooden Close line clamper
3. 1 cue tip, cut this in half, Place top to bottom leaving to top and bottom open, see below.
4. cup of water
5. small 9 volt battery.  It is important that everyone all uses a small 9 volt battery that is fully charged.
6. An Amp meter and Volt meter
7. some wire, of course.

The cue tip is spacers that goes in between the 2 quarters, the bob pin will hold the terminal leads to each of the 2 quarters. We want to know The amps to your quarter cell and the voltage, the voltage will inform us your battery is good, the amps will be how we compare our water, the amps will probably be in the milliamp range. There is 1000 milliamps in one amp, .5 or half an amp is 500 milliamps.  0.1 amps is 10 milliamps .10 amps is 100 milliamps.

When connected Count to 5 and note the results, post them here, if you failed then wait 10 minutes and retest.

Happy testing, now lets compare our water using this Quarter cell.
My test results will be in when i get time to test this easy setup. Use clean shinny quarters.