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Haith & Donald... when Dankie gets on a rant about respect etc just flip back a few pages in the forums and see how cranky he was about his wire sales... I would guess he watched that movie right as he placed the third can of cherry cola on its worthless spool... He's just venting... ther have been many calls for him to post something, anything (mind you there has been calls for me to do the same but a lot less of them :P ) that "holds water" but he comes back to his secret squirrel team and MIB trolling.

Back to the Alternator Video. Modifing alternators brings with it many changes, "rippled DC" might not mean much to Dankie and his team that are apparently running before they can crawl, but to the rest of the communitee progress is progress. I would invite him if it was up to me but drop a note in that there is some mudslinging but the bulk of the members try not to get involved and welcom new thinkers.

yea i did send this guy a msg a few weeks ago when his video first came out, inviting him to read the RVIC topic, the alternator is a good start, advancing with it an modifying it, rewinding it is definitely necessary, i'll be giving my RVIC another go over soon, and either rewind it again or get another stator/alternator to try another RVIC configuration, but by that time i'll have the pulsing circuit set up to experiment with too.

dankie asked me to build him a cell in the last topic, now he's telling me he's going to have a big fancy one :)

give it a week or 2 and he'll be selling bits of it through the forums...
Maybe if we give him his own thread for that... D-bay???


--- Quote from: CrazyEwok on April 13, 2010, 07:52:16 am ---give it a week or 2 and he'll be selling bits of it through the forums...
Maybe if we give him his own thread for that... D-bay???

--- End quote ---

Under what rock did you crawl out from , If I remember correectly you are a overunity forumite that simply got dragged along here .

Nobody is selling anything to these frikkin poor loons OU forums trust me .

I won't dispute that i started over at OU, well my tracable start, the fact you have remember where you first met me is, well, flattering. But my interests are not just centered around HHO directly. I came here because of Ironhead's reference in his old material, which is also why i scan other boards and forums, as his discontinued work pushed through a lot of issues of that time.
But so far in the trail of non-informative sludge that seems to ooze from almost every post you make i have derived a few points of interest about you.
Everytime you have a small idea it, apparently, solves everyone problems. It is the key to understanding the cosmos. Your failure to look at real issues and take critisism from people trying to help you is saddening, as you do seem passionate.
Your unwillingness to share anything you say your "team" is working on and claiming large discovery's (which used to be teamed with sales pitches for SS cord) is entertaining but a little over reactive.
Its your way or the highway apparently. Dankie is the key to solvign this riddle just ask him. All others who don't do it his way (unless he jumps onto your band wagon then it becomes his way and he always said it was the way it should be domne) are wrong and useless as it doesn't work because he has inevitably tried it and not posted any results or variables.
Browsing over your own section there is almost as many new projects as there is "dedicated" threads for things that are creeping you out.

Disposing of someone's findings as crap and basic is surely over reaching, you are not as cutting edge as you think (much to your dismay i suspect). Their findings in your opinion may be of no merrit but you have no clue of his real goal, his final intention.

As in the spirit of the boards, i think a stern dose of put up or shut up should be in order. As this is a place for people to encourage and progress others research. But that is IMO. As i have only linked to already proven information and posted broad ideas and theories on my project i don't expect that to hold much water.


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