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Just a question that I would like to pose to see what everyone thinks.....

The type of stainless you use may also depend on which method you are pursuing. Bob Boyce says 316L is what he uses and Stanley Meyer used 304. There are differences between the two type of stainless and from my viewpoint Bob's method of HHO generation uses KOH in his electrolytic bath thus he uses a type of stainless that is much higher in corrosion resistance. Perhaps this level of corrosion resistance is not needed if using the Meyer method, or just plain water without any additives.

Does 316/316L conduct electricity better or worse than 304/304L?

If cost is a factor then 304 is more economical.

What is your opinion and what facts can back it up?


my 2 cents on this is that you can use 304 for yr wfc.
Its cheaper and it works for me a little bit better.
My best Tube is a 304 one.
The reason can be that the 304 contains more nickel/chromium and those metals are better for electrolysis.
But again, these are just my thoughts on this.

Type Analysis of Stainless Type  304
Carbon 0.08% max. Silicon  1.00% max.
Manganese 2.00% max. Chromium  18.00-20.00%
Phosphorus 0.045% max. Nickel  8.00-10.50%
Sulfur  0.030% max.   
Type Analysis of Stainless Type 316:
Carbon 0.08% max. Silicon  1.00% max.
Manganese  2.00% max. Chromium  16.00-18.00%
Phosphorus  0.045% max. Nickel  10.00-14.00%
Sulfur  0.030% max. Molybdenum  2.00-3.00%


In my cells, up till now. I have only used 316L. And I was going to use it in my new one I'm building now. But after talking to a few people, Who use 304L. I am using 304L in this cell. The cost difference was about 35% less. And Steve , I'm glad to hear you best cell was 304. It's kind of reassuring, That I made the right choice.


I'm still in research on the entire electrolysis subject. What happens if plain cold rolled mild steel is used. It is really easy to work with and relatively cheap. Exactly what are the drawbacks?

using steel as and anode will rust real quick because of the oxygen its nasty...


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