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jim miller:
Near infrared leds from radio shack were used on the buggy and stacked.

p83 copyright 1989 James Paul Good  News Productions

Thank you for sharing !!!

I wonder why after 10 years this video didn't came to public yet...

There is a lot more hidden from the public.

jim miller:
Hi X-Blade

The image of the led disc is from a photograph from Stan's  Grove City laboratory on Broadway. Stan is showing John Gilvesey, an investor, some of the technology This photo session
was taken the day before the video titled Environmental Meeting" that was sent to irondmax and shown at the Bremen Seminars and posted on his hho site for everyone.

I included it in the Videography collection here at ionizationx.  James Wight was the videographer and was a West Coast promoter of the Stan Meyer technologies.

Since the passing of Stan, a number of the photographs and videos that were known to exist are now lost forever and others are known to be in or have been in private and possibly governmental archives.

Thanks for sharing Jim  :) :) :) :)


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