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WFC connection


Lately Ihave been wondering about how the cell array was connected to his 9 VIC packs.
What we certainley know from the provided original pics is that he was running ten 2.5inch tubes in SERIES!. So we only have a +ve and -ve connection there.
But now how did he connected all the 9 VIC packs to the cell ?


Do not take these pictures as completely true.These components were passed around from person to person over the years.The configuration you see the cells wired in now, may have been something that was being tested for who knows what reason.

The biggest problem with the cells connected in this arragement is that you would need the voltage to be ten times higher in order to get the right voltage across each cell.If the cells were wired each to a coil pack,you may need 1.5kv to get it to produce gas.If you have two cells wired in series,then you will now need 3kv to get them both to produce gas.If Stan was running these ten cells like this,than the only way it would work was if he had 15kv going in,or he had 12 volts with a ton of amps.

Yes Don that was what I was thinking as well
To have 1.5kv on each cell you will need 15k from the VIC
Do you think it is too much for the insulation on windings of the cokes ?
I`m asking this so we may rule out some possibilities.


It's possible to get that kind of voltage,but it would take insulation layers between each layer of windings.You can get car ignition coils over 40kv.


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