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Tony, have you tested this on the resonance VIC?

When I measure at the chokes I have 180o phase what is seen in the video. But when I connect the WFC, I have all the signals in phase again...



Question: "how do you restrict current" ?

--- Quote ---The value of the Inductor (C), the value of the capacitor (ER), and the pulse-frequency of the voltage
being applied across the LC circuit determines the impedance of the LC circuit

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The Inductor (C) takes on or becomes an Modulator Inductor which steps up an oscillation of an
given charging frequency with the effective capacitance of an pulse-forming network in order to charge
the voltage zones (E1/E2) to an higher potential beyond applied voltage input

--- End quote ---

Amp leakage is restricted to 1-2 milliamp on resonance, so 2000 to 5000 Voltage potential applied gives E=IZ -> 2000=1 *10^-3 Z -> Z= 2 Mega Ohms or Z=2.5Mega Ohms total electrical Impedance at the chokes on typical 5kHz frequency.

--- Quote ---Info what Stan tells in the patent about Impedance (Z) is very important!

Electrical Impedance (Z), is the total opposition that a circuit presents to alternating current. Impedance is measured in ohms and may include resistance ®, inductive reactance (XL), and capacitive reactance (XC). However, the total impedance is not simply the algebraic sum of the resistance, inductive reactance, and capacitive reactance. Since the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance are 90o out of phase with the resistance and, therefore, their maximum values occur at different times, vector addition must be used to calculate impedance.

This Z is for secondary, positive and negative chokes and wfc.
If you connect the chokes to the wfc, you notice the inductance is altered and also the capacitance and resistance. Neg choke gives 180 phase shift to choke pos.

Choke neg is tuned for Z Equal to Choke pos Z to restrict current and charge the water molecules.

--- End quote ---

Since the coils are not perfect components we have to use Real Components capacitor (Rs, L, C, Rp) and inductor (Rs, L, Cw) combined WFC (C and R) and calculate the needed Z for the chokes. This is then on typically 5kHz resonance 3 inch resonance WFC!

--- Quote ---Variable inductor-coil (D), similar to inductor (C) connected to opposite polarity voltage zone (E2)
further inhibits electron movement or deflection within the Voltage Intensifier Circuit. Movable wiper
arm fine "tunes" "Resonant Action" during pulsing operations. Inductor (D) in relationship to inductor
(C) electrically balances the opposite voltage electrical potential across voltage zones (EI/E2).

--- End quote ---

Negative choke has different Z as the positive choke, because it has R wfc added to the total Electrical Impedance and needs 'tuning'.


The impedance of a resonance fed in parallel is huge theoretically infinite and is defined by the Q factor.

If you apply for say 40kv at 1ma and the tank have lets say 10 amps recirculating its clear that the XL is 40000ohms

and the Q is the relation of the input current to the recirculating current.

if you get 1 amps divided by 1ma you get Q factor of 1000

giving an impedance saw by the source as a 40MOhm resistor.

in series circuit the voltage will be the initial voltage(t) times the Q...


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