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some things i fabricated recently.






Thats a new design waterfuelcell, Outlaw... ;)
What its efficiency? LOL

Well, its big enough for some kilo's of spareribs...... :)


the smoker is 120 gallon tank..  i used a old flatbed to make the trailer, already had the tanks and axle.. pretty much only had to buy the tounge, safety chains, paint and some metal for handle and what nots..

the football grill i had all the stuff for it other then the paint and expanded metal...

planning on selling them so i can make some extra cash..  i actually have another football grill made just need to paint it..  kinda hard to find high heat resistant paint in a wide range of colors though..

After seen your pics, It seems that you have done such a nice work of fabrication. You have done fabrication like one fabric experts.
This is new design of tank I think.


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