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Germans claim a selfsustaining generator with drycell

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A couple of Germans claim to run their small generator set on HHO and is selfsustaining.

Go have a look at their video's.


Question: are they the ones that make the cells? and do they sell them?

In my opinion if the answer is yes then this is a publicity stunt to sell their cells.

Stevie, you should be able to prove them right or wrong soon.

It's an open source cell and i have no doubt in their intentions as it's the admins of PESWiki and Overunity.com that are creating the hype about it when the researchers said that they don't want it.
It's also not sure if the generator is really self-sustaining.

Its a very basic drycell with big holes for gas output and waterinput.
My estimation of the efficiency of that cell is max 80% accoording to Faraday's law.
My new drycell will be around 100% efficient.

Still looking for some gears like those guys have, Claudio... They are difficult to find.
I choose the same concept of the ignition system as they have, as you know.
The ideas of who we talked about does not include a variable timing system.
I am cutting now everyday  gaskets for the new cell.......I need 100 gaskets. Because they are small in bordersize, its a very difficult job to cut them properly.

Cannot wait to run tests again with my genset with help of the new cell, ionizer and PFC circuit.
Then i will prove if it is possible or not to have a selfsustaining system.


Sorry but what is the format of these video ?
Thank you


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