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Here's an interesting read on dielectric breakdown of water.  I downloaded it from



--- Quote ---Do you mean just like a disruptor spark in a Tesla DC charge circuit on the primary coil?
But now controlling /adjusting the GATE signal ,just before HV spark would occur between di-pole in the dielectric(water)?
--- End quote ---

i would say similar but i would compare it more to a cloud and lightning.. for the reasons that your not forcing the electric fields through a narrow rod and gap... it is occuring between to planes like the lower plain of the cloud and the ground..   

earths surface is the negative plate surface while the positive plate is the cloud..  the cloud is white due to the fact it is positivily charged and deflects all light (positive) that the sun projects at it...  the quantitiy of charged particles is what determines amount of potential.. therefor the sun drives the force to energize water into the sky as a form of work  and causes displacement.. this displacment posses a charge that is attracted to the ground since it contains negative charge electons and will freely give them due to the fact earth posses a neutral charge..  but there is a resistance for the water to be able to reach ground and that would be the atmosphere and its resistance to conduct. notice we tend to have afternon showers during the rainy season..     

one must realize that the meduim does not contain  a consistancy of dielectric resistance due to contaminates... this means you get a reaction like lightning enabling current.. the potential will search for the less resistive path to cross and will form current...  we must tune into that i believe.. right before it finds the easiest path for creating current during the rise of voltage

hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.

Can someone explain, how Stan was keeping the water in the water fuel tank in liquid form, below zero degrees Celsius?
It's kind of a problem to get water into a cell/injector when it is in ice form?

I assume, he has put some of a electrical heating device in the WFC/water tank?


thats what the steam resonantors job was.. to instantly heat water... it would keep the water from freezing in the fuel tank


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