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This post has links to over  30 original Stan Meyer videos and material seen on the internet.

note  two other VHS archives of Meyer videos  have been  located. One in Michigan (Wolverine69) and the other in Ohio (Buckeye Collection)
'and title listing given in section 2 --- see notes at end of this post!
From the listings in the Wolverine collection they are  probably more of historical interest as are the others from Ohio which may contain laboratory archival material

Section 1 lists video material that has been sold or is available on the internet.

Section 2 lists video known video  material in private collections



Title: Stanley Meyer GMS Explained

Format:     Originally VHS
Audio        Good
Video        Very Good
Runtime     01:02:35     Woodside Version
Date         Circa  1990-92

Originally posted by Dynodon in Dec 2011 in three parts and subsequently merged into one file and posted at Tony Woodside's Globalkast site. Stan and Stephen Meyer explain the Gas Management System in this hour long presentation. The video contains a number of segments including Stephen explaining the controls and operation of the GMS, views of the dune buggy and views of the injectors. Ulf  Dahlstrom and Mattias Johansson are also present and helping in many of the video segments . Some of the segments were taken in spring others in the fall. Others segments show Stephen adjusting a GMS card.

Found at on dynodon64 YouTube channel  and others. This is the tape that Dynodon mentioned as having seen scanning through frequencies

The following are the three parts as originally posted by Dynodon before merge and edit by Tony Woodside
Part 1
Title:       Stanley Meyer GMS Explained Part 1
Format:   VHS
Audio:    very good
Video;     very good
Runtime:  30:04
Date:       Circa 1990-1992

Part 2
Title;       Stanley Meyer GMS Explained Part 2"
Format:  VHS
Audio     Very: Good
Video     Very Good
Runtime: 30:18
Date :     Circa 1990-92

Part 3
Title:       Stanley Meyer GMS Explained  Part 3
Format:   VHS
Audio:    Very Good
Video:     Very Good
Runtime  04:52
Date:  Circa 1990-92

The Stanley Meyers Estate videos

Dynodon made this series of three estate videos in an effort to show what materials of Stanley Meyer were still extant and to help the owners find a buyer. The Orion project, Craig Westbrook and representatives of Quad City Innovations all made offers for the purchase. Dynodon was ultimately successful in demonstrating that the dune buggy and Stan's inventions were still largely intact having been in storage after Stanley's untimely passing.  During this time Dynodon meticulously recorded the inventions in a large collection of high resolution photographs which have formed the basis for the work of many garage inventors and tinkerers, as well as some private research companies.
Stanley Meyer Estate 1

Format    Video
Audio       good
Video       good
Run-time  02:48
Date        Jan 2009

Discussion:  Dynodon shows a quick video tour of the storage unit. The dune buggy, home heating unit, the epgs and various control units in an effort to help the H's sell the equipment

Stanley Meyer Estate 2

Format    Video
Audio      good
Video      good
Run-time 08:52
Date       Jan 2009

Discussion:  Dynodon visits the Holbrook's kitchen to show some of the other items in the Meyer Estate. A box containing the slides Stan used in his  various talks and presentations and the cluster tubular and vertical plate cells are seen in this , the second of the estate videos, Here Dynodon demonstrates the  Variable Space Unit and shows the Hydrogen Gas Gun, and the water and fuel injectors and some boxes of computer diskettes, manuals and VHS tapes.
Dynodon made this tape to assist in the purchase of the materials.

This video as well as the others can be found at Tony Woodside's site
Stanley Meyer Estate 3

Format    video
Audio      good
Video      good
Run-time 06:31
Date       Jan 2009

Discussion : This video is similar to the second video. It is a view of the tubular cluster array, thevariable plate cell and injectors without narration

view at and other sites 
This series of 3 videos was originally video taped on January 11 2009 and  graciously released by Dynodon as a help to the Holbrooks in selling the Meyers estate.


Title: 1992 Stanley Meyer Interview

Format:    Original was VHS, now in DVD/divx
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Date:      May 1992

Steve from Ionizationx discovered this tape and obtained it from Han, his Dutch professor friend. In the first few minutes the professor is talking to his sons in Dutch and mentions that the vehicle has been recently updated, that its not running at the time and that they are allowed to examine it. Then Stan discusses the various parts of this configuration of the buggy. This is an important find of new material made available to the HHO world by Steve. of Ionizationx
Ordering Info:  The DVD was originally offered by Steve for 50 USD to help defray costs of Ionizationx operations but now is seen on many sites. You may want to send ionizationx a contribution to help cover expenses and as a way of thanking Steve for maintaining the site and for first posting this informative video!


Title:Stanley Meyer  The Ultimate Collection"

This is a  massive compilation of various Meyers material which was sold as a  2 DVD set.

Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good to Very Good depending on the source of the original
Video       Good to very good depending on the source of the original
Run-time  Not calculated

The DVD Collection consists of 2 discs:

One disc contains over 1,000 pictures (  ed. including a few originals that I had posted on ionizationx)
and the Dynodon collection Very high resolution photos
The pictures are organized into about 18 folders

The other disc has about  20 files of videos including a few that have disappeared from the web such as the
ones from the Lone Lantern Society

The files are compressed with a 7 zip file manager  (trial expires in 40 days)
which didn't work on my 64 bit machine but it  was available as free download from the web.
Basic sources were the web, Dynodon, Alex Petty and rwgresearch for the photos
Tony Woodside has most of the videos although there were a few surprises  All in all a nice collection so if you have some loose change and want an instant collection to put on your laptop ,go for it. The description at stansdream was pretty accurate as to content. A good set to have for the serious researcher who wants to save a lot of time  by having an instant collection or to have something to watch where there is no internet connection.

Contents Disc 1 3.21 GB

Deregulated alternator Rotary Had some early original Meyers photos of alternator from Kevin
Dune Buggy
Electrical Polarization Process
Gas Plasma EPG
Meyers Estate
Meyers Photos includes the Dynodon photo file
Meyers Death
Patents-Diagrams US and Canadian     220 files
Pipe Tuning      16 sub sections including spectrum Analyzer, the long lost  WFC calculator program
Quenching Circuit
Resonant Cavity
Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator

Disc 2
About 20 videos including some no longer on the internet

Order on line
USD 220
might not  be available now ( April 2012), clicking on the ultimate collection takes you to water fuel DVD site


Title:          "Water as a Fuel" The 1992 Global Sciences Congress, Orlando Fl
Format         DVD
Audio:         Very Good
Video:         Very Good
Runtime      51:53
Date:          February 1992

This is a version of the standard Stanley Meyers lecture presented  at the  February 1992 Global Sciences Congress in Orlando, Florida.  There are some images of the Alaskan Bushmaster, the Jet Commander and a Corvette that Stan was going to retrofit with the HHO technology
Stan is introduced by the late Dean Stonier. who organized a series of science conferences in the late 80's and early 90's.
Ordering Info:
Tesla Tech Inc.
296 E Donna Drive
Queens Valley, AZ 85218
1-(520) 463-1994

This is a nice site with many DVDs of esoteric sciences


Title: "Water as Fuel Stanley Meyer Lecture Denver Marriott 1990" on disc label
        ( ed. note) (Date in error)

Format:     VHS converted to DVD
Audio:       fair
Video:       fair  A murky feel ,bad conversion?     ed.   best copies of this are from Ken Adachi 
Run-time:  01:00:41
Date:        May 1997

Ordering Info:
This is found on DVD 1521 which is  sold as part of a set now.  The collection has DVD numbers 1519,1520,1521,1522,1523 and 8245.
DVD 8245 is a copy of the Birth of New Technology.   Meyer material available from other sources on the internet
Discussion: This is the lecture where Stan tells George Mallove that he would lose his development rights if he allowed measurements to be taken of his Water Fuel Cell
lt  is actually footage from the 1997 ISNE meeting (Lecture portion)
Water Fuel

NOTE: may be inactive
This is the main source of Stan Meyers DVDs and materiel. Included in the DVD series are the presentations that Stanley Meyers made in Switzerland, Colorado and New Zealand as well as some footage from public TV newscasts and a portion of the public BBC broadcast of "It Runs on Water" You may want to support  one of the oldest forums by actually purchasing the DVDs. The four disc collection includes:
Disc 1
Title:        New Zealand House Meeting 1989

Format:    DVD
Audio:      Good
Video:      Good
Run-time  02:37:00
Date         1989

This is the longest of the extant Meyer recordings. Originally available in VHS format from Murray's old NuTech2000 site, it is now currently available from in DVD format. This is a recording of an informal gathering of HHO enthusiasts and inventors in New Zealand where Stan gives a blackboard presentation of the water
fuel concept. Stan glosses over a few pointed questions but the video presents some comments and ideas not found elsewhere

Video for Meyer New Zealand house Meeting H▶ 2:37:49

Disc 2
Title:       International Symposium on New Energy, Colorado 1993

Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Run-time  01:38:52
Date:       April 1993

Stan gives a fairly long discourse on the history and the politics on the development of the  water fuel cell. Stan is  is rushed at the end to present the  technical water fuel concepts. The slide presentation is marred by the overhead lighting which makes the slides have a washed out appearance.

Disc 3
Title:       The Safe Free Energy Conference in Einseideln Switzerland 8840 held in October 1989

Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Run-time: 57:21:00
Date:       October 1989

This is the most formal of Stan's presentations. It is a slide presentation at the Einseideln conference center in Einseideln Switzerland. Although Stan keeps on topic the presentation was interrupted by the audience calling for him to slow down as the translators had trouble keeping up with Stan's rapid delivery and subsequent difficulty in translating it to a largely German speaking audience. It is a good basic overview of the science involved in the hydrogen fracturing process

News Reports[/color]

Channel 11 KKTV  A publicly broadcast news report on the Extraordinary Science
     Conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1991
     This interview is found on DVD
Format      DVD
Audio        Good
Video        Good
Run-time   1 to 2 minutes
Date          July 25 1991

Discussion: A publicly broadcast report on the Extraordinary Science Conference held in Colorado Springs in 1991

Channel 13 KRDO-TV A publicly  broadcast news report on the Extraordinary Science
      Conference held in Colorado Springs Colorado in 1991

Format    DVD
Audio      good
Video      good
Run-time 1-2 minutes
Date        July 25,1991

Discussion: A short news interview
Disc 4

Equinox "It runs on water"

Format     DVD
Audio       Good
Video       Good
Run-Time 1 hour
Date         December 1995

Public broadcast from Dec 1995 (originally publicly broadcast on BBC4 and narrated by the late Arthur C. Clarke. It describes Stanley Meyers  water fuel cell technology and has comments by Keith Hindley who actually saw the tubular array demonstration unit at visit to Stan's Grove City laboratory . Other participants in this visit included Michael Laughton and Anthony Griffin (ret Rear Admiral)  A report of this visit exists with comments by Professor Hindley  and the other participants on their observations concerning operation of the Water Fuel Cell

Title:Water Fuel Cell Science Lecture 1991

A  slightly longer version exists of the 1991 Extraordinary Science Lecture which is the one with a nice blue and yellow title screen

The version that Stan advertised for sale  in his water fuel cell bulletins is a shorter version including only beginning and
end of the meeting

When was still operating .a 4 DVD set  was sold50 USD at 50 USD a price cut


Ken Adachi Site has two listings:

The ISNE 1997 Conference  (International Symposium on New Energy  May 23-26 1997 Denver Colorado}
The ISNE 1997 Workshop   (International Symposium on New Energy   May 23-26 1997 Denver Colorado)

"Water as Fuel Lecture presented by Stanley Meyer (Denver, Colorado- May 1997)

Title:      Water as Fuel Lecture 1997 ISNE  (aka 1997 Denver Mariott)
Format:   DVD
Audio:     Very Good
Video:     Very Good  lacks the murky feel  of other versions
Runtime: 01:00:29
Date:      May 1997

These are the last major public presentations by Stan Meyer before his death. In the lecture disc Stan Meyer presents the basics of his fuel cell technology and fields questions from the audience. He faced some pointed questioning by Dr Eugene Mallove about the lack of power input versus power output figures. Stan counters that he would lose his development rights if he did so.

Title:      Water As Fuel 1997 Workshop     (ed.) aka ISNE 1997 Workshop
Format:  DVD
Audio:    Good
Video:    Fair
Runtime: 59:29
Date:     May 1997

This video which is not widely seen these days runs about 59 minutes and is the workshop section of the 1997 Denver Mariott Presentation. Stan decries the patent attorneys and big energy. This also distributed and sold by toolsforfreedom
DVDs currently available as of Jan  Visa or Mastercharge NOT accepted.

Water Fuel Cell Technology for the 21st Century

2 DVD set a compilation of videos and articles  from the net. includes patents, videos articles about ho
On the net

Backyard Buggy Demonstration
Backyard Buggy Demo Short Version  run-time 6 min


Stanley Meyer Buggy Test Run short version
Format:    VHS originally
Audio:      fair difficult to hear Stan due to background buggy noise.
Video:      good
Runtime   06:14

Stanley Meyer Buggy Test Run long version
Format:    VHS originally
Audio:      fair to good
Video       good
Runtime    09:19

Discussion:      also another even another longer version exists of the dune buggy running in the backyard

Originally filmed in Stan's backyard by his second wife Marilyn. Transcripts at in buggy photo topic. The 9 minute version has the basics backyard segment, the 1985 WTVN newscast( channel 6  was an ABC affiliate now using call letters WSYX) followed by about a minute and a half taken at another time of Stan doing some preparations before cruising down Harrisburg Pike in Grove City, Ohio. Stan Graumlich and Charles C Holbrook are seen in the video outtake. Buildings in background at the end are of the Lincoln Leveque tower which is how WTVN ended its news  broadcasts during that time. 
Deer Creek Sermon
Horizon "Too Close to the Sun[/color
Format:   Originally on film
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime:  50 min
Date:      Filmed Winter 1993

Discussion: "Too Close to the Sun" is episode 30x10 of the popular British documentary programme Horizon.  This particular episode originally aired on 21 March 1994 and its primary focus is on Cold Fusion. However, short segments of the broadcast at the beginning and end has some footage of the Stanley Meyers vehicle.( It is likely that the sound of the engine running was dubbed in later because would you take pictures
of a car running in a closed garage.?}  ed.  Also the dune buggy is being pushed out of the garage  in the end segment and  then there is the  statement the car was not running when they came to film it  but footage was taken by a local station of the car running ( WTVN footage)                                                                                       

A YouTube video that shows only the Meyers footage can be found at Tony Woodside's YouTube site using this link :


Extraordinary Science Conference 1991 International Symposium on New Energy

1991 ISNE  in Colorado the long version 50 min. runtime
Format:   VHS originally
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime: Total runtime of all 4 segments about 50 minutes
Date        July 27 1991

This longer version was removed at the behest of waterfuelcell .org which has about 11 minutes  of the  beginning and end of this 1991 presentation in its dvd series. If you buy the dvd from (recommend) and add it to the befreetech version, you will have essentially all of this presentation.

The befreetech version is missing a few minutes of lecture at the end.

An early version of the standard Water as Fuel talk containing a longer segment of Lost Tape 2 (which was used in a number of presentations such as the 1992 Orlando Global Science Congress)
Craig Westbrook, another

Craig early HHO researcher and inventor made a visit to view the buggy and released several videos documenting his visit.

Westbrook Visit

Westbrook Visit (Storage Unin)

Format      video
Audio        good
Video        good
Runtime    00.58 sec

This video clip features Craig Westbrook of TriAtomicFuels at the storage area when Craig went out to negotiate the purchase of the Meyer equipment and files

Westbrook Discussion on the EPG

Format       video
Audio          good
Video          good
Runtime      02:43

A respectful Craig Westbrook discusses the future of water fuel cell technology and mentions the amazing undiscovered potential the EPG systems

Westbrook Visit (Long Version)

feature=player_embeddedGood News Productions meyerwfcarchive

IRONDMAX  (Max Miller) has released a number of videos based on the James Wight Video Archive
Dealership 1
Dealership 2
Environmental Meeting    (part 3 released before the complete dvd was released
James Wight was an associate of Stan for many years.

1. Dealership Sales with Road Tests #1 

Format    VHS originally
Audio      good
Video      good
Runtime  27 minutes
Location: Private collection New York and California  Released by Max Miller (Irondmax) Bremen Ohio in 2016 as soon as releases were obtained

Content:  Some basic information and unseen dune buggy runs at Deer Creek State Park in Ohio
It shows the various test runs done along with images of the Dune Buggy Version 1 before Stan started into the EPG
technology. It shows 4 different types of EPGs with LED indicator lights flashing, Close ups of the  alternator, driver motor and re redline generator as well as details of how Stan starts up the buggy  Stan's pet dog "Boy" is featured in some of the footage
Released 2016 Edited (WATERMARKED) Version posted at www

Video for irondmax youtube▶ 21:24

Dealership Sales Tape #2
Format   VHS originally, now in digital format
Audio     Excellent
Runtime 13 minutes

Content  Short presentation and discussion of concepts and during the presentation he holds up several manuals including a technical brief
(A similarly titled tape is shown in the totes acquired by QCI (see image of VHS labels digitally magnified and enhanced in the attachment which has other titles on itking at
Released with watermark at Max Millers site Decmeber 2015
▶ 13:10
Tapes  posted at   with

Video for irondmax youtube▶ 13:10

]Stanley Meyer Environmental tape  May 1989
Format     VHS now in digital format
Audio       poor synchronization problems
Video       fair to good, some camera jiggle
Runtime  38 Minutes (approx) full verisiom
Date         May 1989
Location   Private Collection  NewYork copy and other locations Released by Max Miller in 2016 as soon as the releases were finally granted by owners

General Content  The  2 cells are demonstrated,  important comments about patents and GMs visit, John Gilvesey is in some of  the  segments,as is one of Stan's favorite demonstrations-burning paper clips.

This video chroncles John Gilvesey's visit to Stan's Lab in Grove City, Ohio. on May 15 and 16 ,1989
Charlie Holbrook and James Wight (videographer) was also  present during this visit. John actually drew the tap water for the demonstration

Part 3 by  irondmax▶ 12:55

part 3 released by 2016

Stan Meyer Environmental Meeting Full

This video is the complete record that was available inccludiding a earlier "part 3".  When James Wight was interviewed by telephone prior to his death he stated that gaps in the
Environmental Meeting tape were due to requests by Stan not to video certain parts and also to allow James to maneuver his wheelchair into position for videotaping.



Section2  Tapes that still exist but not publicly available yet: although frames are hosted by ionizationx

Videos and stills not likely to see the light of day, Remember last scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?(ed.)

2 Stephens garage tape(s) may still be around   (2)
These homemade videos show Stephen F Meyer working in his own garage on the technology, some of the outtakes were seen at Stephen Meyers site in a television newscast on Channel 4 WCCO Minneapolis but the site is inactve now

Court Deposition Video

Format   VHS
Audio     Fair
Video     Fair
RunTime  Approx 45 minutes
Date      1996 est
Location:  Private Collection   may have been losr
Shows operation of cell some technical details.  Taken by Charlie Holbrook during fraud trial.

Wolverine Collection

Access to this collection was limited but photographs of most of the titles in the collection were obtained and posted
As a historian I am always pleased when new material  is provided. What follows are listings of Stanley Meyer
video LABELS provided to me anonymously. They appear to be from the Wolverine69 collection   
No videos  provided yet ,if they still exist   

Ukiah Ca 1994 SEER  Conference.

1             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94  15 July 1994 Stan's Master Copy

2             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 15 July 1994 and miscellaneous footage 15 July 1994 Stan's Master Copy   

3             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 16 July 1994 REKA interview by Walt at end                           

4             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 JR Hall 5 pm Saturday July 16 1994 Stan's Master Copy

5             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER Rest of Sunday Stan Meyer master copy

6              Ukiah Science Talk Informal Footage  July 14 - July 18 1994                                                      ed note: not numbered on tape

Stan Meyer and Rick Schneider       Attachment 2  (2 tapes)

 7              The Rick Schneider Affair    Document of Record
 8              Rick Schneider Attending WFC Seminar  Document of Record

  5 Other VHS tapes

  9             WFC TeachingTape  1 of 2   4/12/88
             ed. note :Stan made this one day after doing  the2 versions of the Lab Talk
                            Version 2 was provided by James Wight and is a slightly edited version Same as irondmax posting
                            Version 1 is a little longer has more slides and a longer promotional ending

 10        Green Team Jeramie Travels

 11       WFC Injector Plug    Channel 13 KRDO-TV  Extraordinary Science Conference Colorado Springs     1991
             This is a short news broadcast by channel 13     

12           WFC Injector Plug    Channel 11  KKTV  Extraordinary Science Conference Colorado Springs          1991
              This is a short  news broadcast by channel 11

13           WFC Hydrogen Gas Management (GMS) System
                 This is the same as released by Don Gabel

Conference Tapes

14              Stanley Meyer Atomic Energy Balance of Water IANS Conference on New Energy April 16-18 1993
15            There were two copies in the collection
 16             Dealership Pres,/Demo Meeting

 17             2nd Dealership with Master Slides

 18              International Symposium on New Energy  Workshop Master  (Based on length 1:38 this is the 1993
                       Colorado Meeting)

 19             International Symposium on New Energy  Main Talk  51
                     and others not photographed

Buckeye Collection

Titles   partial list
NEW VIDEOs Ohio Collection
1 Equinox It runs on water
A longer version exists with the Swedish school children singing  from Stans visit to Sweden  (This version sold by Stan by mail)
Meyer Lab Archive Video  EPG Testing   
Meyer Lab Archive Video  Multi=Tier Test
Extended Backyard Buggy Test
First HHO cell Test in Kitchen
1987 Promotional VHS with added photos
Deer Creek Sermon
Deer Creek Conference
Dealership TrainingTape
and others...
Torrent Sources
If DHS hasn't shut them down yet, this type of site often filled with spyware and malware.

Meyers materials from Switzerland. Colorado, and New Zealand presentations, Global sciences 1992 etc  are  still available You should just buy the from the original sites if you can afford to, and support Stanley Meyer sites with your donations


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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 47
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last comments are spot on, also the MOD visit tape?, 7 ridgemont location, special collections not accessible at this time, some sussex info may be accessible on micrpofiche

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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 48
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a4 arkiver4hho  thanks i had known about the sussex replications, see if the librarian can print and fax, MOD is more problematic

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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 51
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well done, Jim!
Nice and helpfull overviews  :)


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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 57
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Where are all those videos? Why not uploaded yet?


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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 57
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Although I have an inkling or whispers where some tapes are and direct confirmation as to the ownership and location of others, it does not mean that I have any control as to what, when ,or if these materials will be released. The purpose of the videography is to list and discuss the content and sources where possible to
have a comprehensive guide to the video material to researchers of the Stanley Meyer technologies. As I learn of new video materials, I post and list a description of the content, the length of the video and methods by which copies may be obtained. Based on reasonable production times I would expect some nice releases within a few years. As I learn more from the owners and video production companies, I will post whatever is proper. If it's posted with the blessing of the owner, I  will put the appropriate redirect url. If it is an item that is sold I will post the instructions on how to buy it legally and thus support the researchers who are releasing it.
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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 66
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Re: Stanley Meyer Video Comments and Sources update 66
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It sure would be a treat to see all of that video and more like it.