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Right hand rule, please comment.

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From the artic to Antarctica as Question that needs to be answered here on this forum as a test of your knowledge please every reading member here try and explain this right hand rule.

Could one forum member please contribute and step forward with their explanation of this rule to try to explain this rule in your own words to other members to try and gain an understanding of how this rule works. Please do not worry if you have little or no understanding. It is highly expected what follows will be missunderstandings.

After a few post, and a few questions from me I will make a final post that will challenge world arguments. And why such a rule was set into place to confuse you, not confuse the polar bears. As this post is put here to highly educated you in it's end so other members will never be confused again with such a confusion tactic like the sickening one used here to block your mind. With that said, if one desires, feel free to draw on your clear glass boards or even your toilet paper rolls.

Now would any member please step forward and try to explain this theory. And would several other members please follow so that we can complete this thread. Thank you!

this rule helps identifying where is the directions of magnetic field and force  relative to current or vice versa all 3 are perpendicular to each other...

so magnetic field is in one direction current crossing the magnetic field perpendicularly will create a force... if the current is parallel to the magnetic field theres is going to be a force too though but that is not the idea here...

So this force is the same as electromotive force that is applied as current or can be obtained...

so a conductor crossing a field will generate a voltage this voltage counter act the applied voltage is known as back emf This counter voltage actually create a kind of breaking  or repel force to the movement so it consume power....

work is force over distance 

this is how generators transformer and motors work...  in the case of transformers if works because the magnetic field changing is equivalent to the change in magnetic field of the conductor aproaching a magnet or traveling along a field...  thar is analysed by the flux density etc

We also have to consider the magnetic curl.  The way the flux lines curl around the wire.  With a motor, the curl goes one way, and the curls go the other way with a generator.

Can you use the same wire for both the motor and generator?

if its dc motor with brushes you could pulse in and the voltage generated would be in reverse direction so current cant flow since the source is a block for it... thinking about this a lot lately and how meyer could have used it..

Fact check;

Let's assume we have a vertical inductor glued to a table top. Let's assume I connect the bottom inductor lead to the positive terminal of a battery, and the top terminal inductor lead to the negative terminal of the same battery, what pole field would the top of the bar be, and what pole field would the bottom of the bar be?

Please don't cheat and go assemble this, or test a inductor laying next to you. Please use the current knowledge you have on hand. If you're unable to do this in your head that's ok, just be honest and say I don't know without actually testing this. This thread posted here is a very sensitive post so please follow the requested rules, if this is done correctly there will be a reward for a number of members here.

And please each contributing member end your post/reply with a definition for the words oppose, and then initial. Thank you!


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