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Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on Today at 06:29:38 »
when i see no one questioning or writing it appear to me that everyone is running their cars on water except me...
Sebosfato / paper
« Last post by Hidden on Yesterday at 17:26:38 »
in the last document i posted there is a great analysis of exited oxygen combustion...

it seem to me like a study on meyer process done by high researchers finance by gov

to see it only if you logged in ..guests cannot download or view it..

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on Yesterday at 00:20:44 »
electric fields can push or pull depending on the polarity.. however a magnetic field would only attract because the electron can easyly flip just like a small piece of magnet being approach by another ... it will be attracted to the strongest field source near..

the beaulty is that the magnet will not cousume power to accelerate the electron

this can be measured by using a magnet on a spark gap if dc on the positive side will increase the heat reduce the resistance and on the negative side should reduce the heat  also should increase the voltage of the gap

my idea would be to cause a situation where the magnetic field can assist the EEC by directly attracting the electrons to elsewhere in the circuit...

i imagined something like a hot plate under vaccum burning electrons off on the positive side of the cell and a magnetic circuit that give energy to them to make out their way thru another circuit than the input source

The eec acording to the patent will generate atomic decay when the oxygen missing electrons steal the electron from hydrogen prior to and during combustion ignition

to achieve this level of ionization is necessary to get multiple stages of ionization using wave energy and electric fields

i believe the best manner to test it is with a torch and and system to measure temperature rise of a water cup with the torch

what are the products of an atomic decay besides pure energy? meyer talk about energy entering our dimension thru this universal energy hole

Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on June 18, 2018, 23:15:37 pm »
...and about electric fields?
Sebosfato / EEC
« Last post by Hidden on June 18, 2018, 17:13:54 pm »

electrons are atracted to magnetic fields!!!!

J. Miller / Re: Stanley Meyer Circuits New Pages by Anony mous
« Last post by Hidden on June 18, 2018, 00:10:52 am »
long time arkiver  need the contact info for a mous  he's using a 2048 aes  protocol, asso see if the mod arkive is available yet

Can we help?
What do you need to get the Anderson video?

General Discussion / Re: 6watts and 8 liters HHO per minute...........
« Last post by Hidden on June 18, 2018, 00:00:21 am »
and here the simulator text file. For the simulator link, see on top of the Forum, on the right.

$ 1 0.000005 10.20027730826997 50 5 50
l 128 128 128 208 0 2 0.12250194451059382
c 224 128 224 208 0 0.000009999999999999999 -0.00004304064313487288
w 128 208 128 256 0
g 128 288 128 336 0
w 128 208 224 208 0
d 224 128 128 128 1 0.805904783
f 400 160 336 160 8 1.5 0.02
w 336 128 336 144 0
w 336 176 336 208 0
f 192 272 128 272 0 1.5 0.02
d 496 272 192 272 1 0.805904783
d 496 160 400 160 1 0.805904783
w 496 160 496 272 0
R 496 272 560 272 0 2 40 5 0 0 0.5
w 224 128 336 128 0
r 224 208 336 208 0 5
d 128 48 96 80 1 0.805904783
d 128 48 160 80 1 0.805904783
d 96 80 128 128 1 0.805904783
d 160 80 128 128 1 0.805904783
g 128 48 208 48 0
v 32 48 32 112 0 1 40 200 0 0 0.5
w 32 48 160 80 0
w 32 112 96 80 0
o 1 64 0 4099 80 1.6 0 2 1 3
General Discussion / Re: 6watts and 8 liters HHO per minute...........
« Last post by Hidden on June 17, 2018, 23:50:22 pm »

"The WFC Circuit is just a Rectifier & Two ‘Stanley Meyer High Voltage Switches’ where one Switch Charges the WFC Gated at LC Resonance with an 8XA Coil & the other Switch ‘Short Circuits’ the WFC & by-passes the 8XA Coil at LC Resonance into an external ‘Light Bulb & Battery Array’ Load as the Electron Extraction Circuit… A Variable Inductor is used for Tuning the Circuit. This is Very SIMPLE & will produce a Minimum of 300% Faraday’s to 1,700% Faraday’s simple Electrolysis at around 0.05 Amps or 1/20th of an Amp… Once this is understood, you can start using Toroids, Ignition Coils or Tesla Coils."

"All you need is the 'Potential and the Frequency'. The Electrons can come from the Power (Enslavement) Grids Neutral, an Earthed Rod in your Back Yard or the Covalent Bonds in Water itself. In Auckland New Zealand and Darwin of Australia people have been using the 'LIVE' Phase connection from the Power Grid and an Earthed Rod as a Neutral to power their Hydrponic Lights for years... In New Zealand a guy in debt to a Motor Cycle Gang gave them A Box that when connected to a 'LIVE'  Phase and a separate Earth powered a Warehouse with Electrons from the Earth ...All your interested in is the Potential and Frequency
Just look at (Google) 'A Vector Potentials'.?
If you have the original Lawton PLL you can hook up to any switch directly from the Diode Light to an optociuple. If you have the original SCR you can hook the Diode Light up to the side connections that you'd normally connect any Frequency Generator to.?
So you have your Dave Lawton Pll just remove the Switch and connect three wires that you can then connect to your optocouple. Easy!... you really need to Switch BACK-EMF Im-Pulses and not Hot Electricity from a Variac.?
If you understand how to remove the LED and hook it to your SCR then all you do is build two SCR Circuits and instead of using an SCR you pick out a PNP and an NPN so you get an alternation using the same signal. So one Switch Charges the WFC and the other Switch Short Circuits it using a Variac Transformer. The gist of it, is Charging the Water Fuel Cell then Short Circuiting it, the PLL will do this automatically... The reason Faradays Electrolysis gets Hot is because it is the Load, using the Stanley Meyer method the Load is external to the Water Fuel Cell, it still uses Amperage but externalises the Heat/EM Losses component into a Light Bulb... It's like Charging a Battery and it gets Hot because it is the Load while its Charging but, when you discharge the Battery like in a Laptop the Pentium Chip gets Hot because it's the Load and the Laptop Battery remains Cold to touch, so a Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell externalises the Load. Once you get this, then you'll get that the most efficient way to charge a Capacitor that stores Charge is to use Back EMF Im-Pulses then you'll see your efficiencies increase! ... It's all about externalising the Heat component then increasing the efficiency of the Cell, my Cells hooked up to a 3.25 KVA generator- if School Girls in Africa can build this SHIT with Junk Parts anyone in the Western World can build this!?
... The simplest way for you to hook it up is, instead of the PLL Switch going to the Cell, you need to remove that Switch. You need to directly Switch your Optocouple so you need to remove that Switch and Solder it up yourself because it is a NEGATIVE Switch. Your just making it hard for yourself not removing the Switch from your PPL Circuit because you need that Positive Signal. Once this is done you'll have Two POSITIVE Switch outputs: 1. The Light Emitting Diode & 2. The Positive Signal that previously Switched the NEGATIVE Switch that you have now removed. SIMPLE! If you built your own SCR Circuit you can easily build another one OK. ... You need a NPN so you can collect the Back EMF Im-Pulses off the NEGATIVE at Switch Closure using Blocking Diodes on the Negative. ... You also need a PNP and what this does is it only Switches ON when the Pin is NEGATIVE so the same signal Switches Two separate Switches. The NPN Charges the Cell with Back EMF Im-Pulses and the PNP Short Circuits the Cell with a Light Bulb on the Positive of the Cell to CONSUME all Amperage from the Water Fuel Cell... Its NOT Rocket Science!?

All you do is remove it and you need the Potentential and the Neutral and you can use the one signal to power two seperate Opto-Couples with one Opto for the NPN which has Diodes off the Negative of a Coil to collect the Back-EMF Im-Pulses that go to the Positive of your Water Fuel Cell and the Negative Side of your Water Fuel Cell is connected to the Positive Side of your Coil... I know this sounds like it doesn't make sense but, the Water Fuel Cell is only being Charged with Back EMF Im-Pulses when the NPN closes. then seperate to this the other Opto is for the PNP which has a Light Bulb on the Positive Side of the Water Fuel Cell then the PNP. SO WHEN THIS IS FED WITH A SQUARE WAVE YOU GET AN ALTERNATING SIGNAL : P, N,P, N, P, N, P ECT.  you can even Postulate the OFF NPN's Back-EMF Im-Pulse takes place while the Short Circuit PNP is On and therefore the Light Bulb is powered by the Back EMF Im-Pulse but it can't because theres no Amperage therefore the Amperage can only come from the Water Fuel Cell Capacitor. during its Short Circuit. You'll know when its built right"

it took a while, but here is my schematic on how i think you can explain what the videomaker is doing.
I use back emf for charging the WFC, as i have done years ago, so i know it works.
In addition, i added the EEC in such a way that the charging of the coil and the discharging of the WFC are in Phase 1.
In Phase 2, the WFC gets the BEMF to charge.

I added the lawton pll output from the hef4050b chip pin2. If the mosfet is still on the board then please remove it (62N15P). Pin 2 goes to that mosfet....
BTW, any other squarewave frequency generator will work. It doesnt have to be a PLL Lawton board.
Feel free to ask any questions.......

J. Miller / Re: Stanley Meyer Circuits New Pages by Anony mous
« Last post by Hidden on June 17, 2018, 18:06:20 pm »
long time arkiver  need the contact info for a mous  he's using a 2048 aes  protocol, asso see if the mod arkive is available yet
Sebosfato / Re: Retry N1001
« Last post by Hidden on June 17, 2018, 13:09:24 pm »
yes man i worked hard at it on the computer simulating but as you already said to get 1kv into water you need to provide the amps according with the resistance it have

i constructed a cell with a filter and pump that keep filtering the water the water get up to and beyond 2kohm resistance

is indeed possible to get high voltage across the coils if the load is low but this high voltage is not on water but only at the coil ...

now we know  a coil will fight any change in current so if its charged to 20amps it does not mather how small or big it is it will give 40kv pulse to the 2kohm load

i worked a lot with that testing and saw any effect i could measure on water

so i went to the meaning of the words and there is it

resonant charging choke

now if you know the science and filter the parts meyer used to complicate the things and study a little all the patents he mention you see a connection point

two patents he mention is the tay he han and the other is the horvaths

so what

horvath clearly stated that his process used a depolarization púlse

tay he han used high voltage but never show any of the ckt

meyer says that the electrons will momentarily get distorted and weakening the water bound

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