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Charging a cell like a capacitor

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I got some low level results last week.
I have found sime time to play with back emf charging.

I pulsed the positive into a primairy 230v MOT coil and catched the bemf into a capacitor.
Hundreds of volts i got.
So i hooked up 1 cell and i got low level gas production.
But now the facts.
I pulsed 2 volts and 0.02mA in the coil.
And i measured 2.6v across the cell.....



its funny to see that 1.5v can charge one cell up to 2.6v...

Hi dear members,

Here an update on my tiny tests on the charging with help of Back emf.
I have tested Joulethiefs, Bedini types, and Imhotep based setups, last weeks.
A thanks to Okki Moeljadi for sharing some info with me on youtube about his coil setup of his radiant charger.
The guy is doing nice things over there.

I bought 5 small 12v 1.2ah battery's for the tests, together with some Diodes UF5408 and some fast switching transistors, neon bulbs, etc etc.

The idea was to create Back emf spikes for charging 4 battery's with on battery. Thats what the documents where promising. The deal is of course, to get this BEMF spike with as low as possible consumed power.

It was an interesting journey.
The schematics of Patrick Kelly are working till some extent. But they do not really charge the battery's full.
And when i hooked up the wfc for a change and to see what it would do, i didnt got more then 3 volts acros the cell with some gas production.
So, yes. I still hook up waterfuelcells to whatever i build.

So where i stand today with my testing.
Things i learned:
use bifilar air coils
Dont make them too small, but also not too big.
Use UF diodes and transistors.
And let some of the learned knowledge from technical university go.....

I was hoping to notice that thing everybody is talking about. Free energy from space...ether, Radiant energy or what ever you want to call it. Pulsing coils,  spark gaps, or whatever is needed to open the gate and to pull energy in the pulsing system.

So, i found something very interesting, yesterday. The current circuit is a sort spin of bedini and joulethief and all the earlier named systems.
The transistor is hooked up to a bifilar coil and i collect the BEMF energy and what more type of energy is coming from it.
Why am i saying that? I believe that my normal measurement tools do not registrate everything that is going on here.

Let me give you some numbers:
11V and 100mA = 1.1watts
And that amount of almost nothing is charging now my 5 battery's like crazy.......
I do have to repeate some tests the coming days, but it is very strange to witness this. The charge is also staying in the battery's, so no fake charges.

The batterys are connected now in parallel...........Not in series.
So, more tests and of course i will hook up some waterfuelcells to it later as well.

Hope this inspires you guys...


Ps. A video will follow


My test results with the back emf charger.
I discharged the battery with a current of 0.15a continue.
After a totall discharge, i charged the battery with the same consumed current.
Discharge time and charge time are equal.
No overunity here, sofar.



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