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--- Quote from: CrazyEwok on June 28, 2010, 07:54:31 am ---Well while i sit here in disbelief, not really, :o
I'll add that claim to all the others stating that they don't want the millions from the people who just want PoC.
Good luck with it!!!!

--- End quote ---

Crazy you seem bitter , plz do chut the Helll up when you are drunk , I come in peace to announce good news .

Yeah alot of people must be getting those ideas , I am far less poor  and desperate and willing to scam a free source abc build thing than these people trust me . Where is the honor in that ?

When I do things I am always a maverick , an innovator , I have an utmost respect for intellectual property since I am myself an inventor , I have honor when it comes to that .

I dont like 5000 other noobs to compete with me on something , there is no millions here . But free light could mean a happy time for everybody , once everybody has free light they can buy my market-leading oscillators , that is the area in wich my inventive skills shine . Perhaps one day once I grasp better the metaphysical world I can invent a design myself .

btw this was the film: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6247785758902825364&hl=de#
the part about the electrochemical activation-device starts at around 8:10. at least you can watch even if you do not understand it ;)


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